Second day of #NaNoPoblano2021! As mentioned yesterday, my theme is “A Few of My Earliest Things”. For now, I am sharing early attempts at poetry. Also, as a disclaimer (LOL!!!), I was young. Please don’t set your standards too high. Most of the poems I will post make me cringe. However, it is often enlightening, if not important, to look back to where you started. For much better samples, though, you can find a list of my poems at the POETRY NOOK.

Today’s poem was written in-between 12nn to 1pm at the school canteen. Suddenly hit by the wretched mood, I wrote this. Aaawww…teen angsts…Surprisingly, the green grass in front of me brought me to a more serene mood. I was happy to have written something, telling myself I should do more. I used to think poetry was not for me. Or make that the other way around.

the wretched