6 Reasons a Vlogger is Not Popular #ThursdayTips

So you’ve decided to join the club and vlog. But it’s been months–years even!–and you’re nowhere near the famous vloggers that inspired you. You’ve been posting daily and religiously ’cause that should make people remember you, right? Yet you’re not popular. What gives?

Let’s just take me, for example. Why is it that I might never be a popular vlogger? Well, I’ve watched enough YouTube vlogs to have observed certain truths. If these are your truths, well, sticks and stones, and no offense meant.

Why I’m not Popular

1.  I am not gorgeous.

2.  I’m not famous or going around with the “in” crowd.

3.  I don’t have the right or more proper equipment.

4.  I don’t have enough resources (physical and/or financial).

5.  I am not the gimmicky type of person.

6.  I’m too shy when I need to be bold.

I only emphasized my observations. It doesn’t mean that if one is this or not that, he/she should stay that way. It depends on what he/she wants to be or accomplish, what that person decides to do and thinks he/she can do.

I have suggested alternatives or simple solutions below.

How to Be a Popular Vlogger

  1. Just be presentable.
  2. Actively engage with your audience. Interact with people. Go out sometimes.
  3. Make an effort to acquire better equipment for your purpose.
  4. Be resourceful. Find ways!
  5. Be creative. Make the effort.
  6. Believe in yourself and be confident.

I have actually shared these whys and hows in my most current vlogpost.  There, I further explained a little bit more my bases and insights, own experiences, and conclusions. Excuse some of the mildly rough edited parts.

Perseverance pays off only when you do things right. It doesn’t matter how many times you post. If you ignore the importance of relevant content to people, then people will ignore you back.

10 thoughts on “6 Reasons a Vlogger is Not Popular #ThursdayTips

  1. These are very good points. I think a lot of the time people who watch vlogs want to connect with the vlogger and will stick around if they can relate to the vlogger. I follow some vlog on YouTube but at the same time have stopped following some over the years because either I got tired of their content or their content didn’t speak to me.

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    • Me, too. Some I follow at first to decide whether I like their content or not, then I decide. At some point, it’s them who get tired of vlogging. Some just “stay” because they need the money — you can either feel it or they actually bluntly say it on camera. I don’t want all that stress! To be paid for my vlogging content, that would be nice. But if all the stress will cause me more health and emotional problems that I already have, I don’t want it. It’s bad enough that I am my Number 1 stressor — why add more? It’s the same principle I have with this weblog.

      Thanks for the input, Mabel!!!


      • Lol! So agree that yourself can be your number 1 stressor! I know I overthink thing and that makes me stressed lol 😀 With a lot of vlogs I might like one or two or a few and then that’s it. I find that if a vlog has a theme other than blogging (e.g. makeup, science), then I am more inclined to subscribe.

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        • We are certainly the same. Entertainment is what makes me stay. If vlogs start to “tire” me, I actually try to stay as much as I can, to see if I’ll change my mind or things in their channels start to pick up. I have to admit, I am still subscribed to some mainly because I want to help them keep their channels (esp. if they seem to need the earnings from it). Of course, I don’t tell them that. I don’t really need to keep watching anyway, though I visit once in a while. On the other hand, there are those that you’d wish would stay actie, but…

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    • Ha ha! Sometimes, I think it’s just me watching! But I don’t mind. On some days, they will matter to some people. ‘Cause I’m also like some people. If something appeals to me, I view it even if it’s in a not-really-popular channel. Sometimes, popular ones turn me off anyway. It would be great to be popular, but popularity scares me.

      Thanks for the lovely comment, my friend!!! Let me know if you have a channel as well!!!


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