“Why is manga viewed as better than comics?” #AskWednesday

I was going to make an #AskGi post, but I saw this question posted on Quora. I never even knew that there was this thing about manga or Japanese comics being viewed as better than American comics. So I checked out the first answer I saw and I was really impressed by the amount of info I got. Not saying one is better than the other–I’m not a credible source when it comes to that–but I learned from reading. That explained something about the movie (originally manga) I am Hero to me, with regards to the comics industry in Japan.

If you’re interested in this and other answers, feel free to click on the image. Then share your thoughts, whydoncha? 😉

2 thoughts on ““Why is manga viewed as better than comics?” #AskWednesday

  1. I prefer comics since I grew up reading the superhero ones, a few Archie and our local ones when it was available.

    Seeing the angular forms of faces in manga & in some current cartoon series nowadays, looked too bland for me and it drove me off the wall. I do understand they were styled that way because of materials they were working on and the turnover these artists had to put a story out must be insanely fast. I still go for comics. 😀

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    • I vote for the non-mangas as well, drawing-wise, because that’s what we grew up with. Plus, when mangas became popular here, I never really had time to read any of them.

      But when it comes to choosing my comics now, I do give every material equal chance. I am more for the story, anyway.

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