(Not My) Interview with Kathy Reichs #AskWednesday #atozchallenge2017

As I am typing this now, I just clicked on a subscription confirmation link sent to me through email. The link for what? Well, I just signed myself up for inclusion in author Kathy Reichs‘ mailing list, that’s what.

Kathy Reichs is really the reason I restarted my Maya story (although I still have to work more on that). Or maybe the more appropriate word is “cause”, not “reason”. You see, my story had been sitting around for years because several things discouraged me and I did not know how to proceed. I could, but the mere thought that it would probably just look like another Filipino story due to elements very similar to many others’ works discouraged me. I wanted something different.

Then I met BONES. If you’re not familiar with it, it was one of those earlier forensic science TV shows. Kathy created and produced the show. It ran for 12 seasons, but recently ended for good, sadly (yet, who really knows?). Now, I’ve always loved sci-fi and other science-related shows, plus I’m a sucker for adventure and detective stories. So. when those interests collided, BOOM! Bones got me so hooked!

It took me a while to learn that the show was based on a novel written by an author named Kathy Reichs. Google did its thing and I learned that Author Kathy is actually Doctor Kathy, forensic anthropologist extraordinaire. Of course, I was so impressed. I mean, since she knew her stuff, then surely, the science in her book (and the shows) was more real than fictional. And that’s when it hit me. I realized what I wanted for Maya.

It was not going to be just a fantasy-paranormal thing. I was going to add more mystery and throw in forensic science as well! I mean, currently, in the local setting, no one has done anything like that yet. If someone comes up with one in the future, remember, I thought of it first. If it’s very similar to my idea, s/he and I will need to talk.

It’s science-meets-paranormal and they don’t have to overshadow each other. Kathy caused me to do a kind of story overhaul to fit my idea. I was going to make a better version of Maya. I went back to previous drafts, totally changed several parts, and continued. I changed scenes, added characters, improved characterization, began doing research (I need to be credible after all). Well, the story is far from done, but I am working on it. I have Kathy to thank for it…

Now that that little background story is over, I am sharing an early interview with her that I found online. In fact, it’s posted on her own website. It talks about why and how she started writing, her main character Dr. Temperance Brennan, and what she thought of the show.

Kathy Reichs Interview

“I just thought the time was right for a strong female heroine and for forensic science…I started ‘Dejá Dead’ in 1994. I had made full professor at the university so I was free to do whatever I wanted to do and I had just worked on a serial murder case which had some pretty intriguing elements to it, so I thought I would give it a shot. I thought it might bring my science to a wider audience.”

I was part of that wider audience, thankfully. If my request to receive the entire Brennan book series in my Dream Crate isn’t proof enough that I’m a fan, I don’t know how else to show it.

Has any writer/author ever influenced a story you wrote?



This post hits two birds with one stone. It’s a post for #AskWednesday, and it’s a post for the A to Z Challenge. Yes, April is gone, but as promised, I am going to finish the challenge, starting with this letter I skipped:

K is for “Kathy Reichs”

This piece serves as my Letter K post for the A to Z Challenge 2017. I am currently catching up with other A to Z participants. I owe them that, first of all. Second, I do want to connect.

For my previous 2017 challenge-related posts, kindly visit my A to Z Challenge 2017 page.

8 thoughts on “(Not My) Interview with Kathy Reichs #AskWednesday #atozchallenge2017

      • Hmm, never thought as such so my virtual Charmed series featuring the Halliwell bros and their grandfather is copyrighted already. 😀 Do you like “Charmed” too? Idk if I’ve placed the link for “The Charmed Paladins” in here (as I’m in the net cafe, CPU not yet fixed). I forget if the show was in your dream crate 😀

        Liked by 1 person

        • Sharing it in writing that people can see helps. As I said in Copyright, Anyone? What to Do to Protect It,..

          “Any original idea or work, once put on whatever kind of writing pad—whether online or on actual paper, maybe handwritten or typewritten (or drawn), could be printed out or saved (CD, USB, computer hard drive, diskette or floppy discs if you’re still old school)—becomes your property.”

          Its purpose, really, is to let everyone know that YOU came up with the idea first. (I have a recent “case”, though, that makes me think a company’s long ad was a bit based on a short story–well, vignette–I wrote, but I can’t be sure).

          With regards the Charmed Paladins, honestly, I only heard about them years ago from you, and I honestly have never watched an episode (no way to do so then, anyway). As for your fan fic, I am not sure if you actually own the actual copyright for that (or how much of it can be copyrighted to you) as, while the plots of the stories you created are yours, the show and its characters aren’t yours. Maybe that’s something I’ll have to research on and write about one of these days.

          CHARMED is in my Dream Crate, BTW.

          Liked by 1 person

          • Ah, right again! I’ve forgotten about the Charmed characters not being my property. I think on that situation, I’m pitching a possibility of a pilot (out there) where the brothers are carrying the mantle while discovering more about their father Leo, as they spend their quality time with their grandfather who gets caught in the middle from the resurfacing “The Brotherhood of the Thorn,” and it took me this long what the pilot series premise was all about for S1. haha. I need to edit my virtual pilot’s premise. lolz. Goodness, I have to get my CPU fixed soon, so hard typing on a device. Yay! “Charmed” in your crate.I’m fixing my dream crate post too. I’m just having trouble adding pictures in WP. The links doesn’t come out as pictures and there’s no print screen capture function when using a device. lolz

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            • Sorry to hear your device is not much help. MY problems lately is that I DO have a new netbook, but lately, the WiFi is getting worse with it. No sure if it has to do with Smart and the stuff they are fixing currently. I get so mad because for almost two weeks, I’ve been wasting P50 almost daily! I am only online now ’cause I am using my old netbook using the SmartBro stick that the new netbook does not accept. I’m totally pissed off. What is the point of getting the new netbook if I can’t use it properly? I haven’t purchased Windows 10 pa naman, so I am also unable to use it well for my writing.

              UPDATE: I just realized the cause of my problem: MY STUPIDITY. I checked out SIM balance and found there was zero load! The service does not work without at least one peso!!! AAARRGGGHHH!!!!


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