My Decade-Old Grown-up Christmas List (post-)#MondayMemoirs

More than ten years ago, I listed down this list. Looking at it now, I can’t help but be amused by the antiquity of it. Obviously, either I’m done wishing for many of them already, or I got my wishes the next years. It does make me sad that I still wish for the last three, the most important ones.


How about you? Do you remember your wishes years ago? What happened since then?

5 thoughts on “My Decade-Old Grown-up Christmas List (post-)#MondayMemoirs

  1. A lot of those things did come true, like the USB port and the Harry Potter books! 😀 I agree with you on the last three points, for more happiness in the world and health for all of us. Maybe that is something that is unattainable, and we can only do so much to please each other and stay in shape.

    My grown-up wish list is pretty simple…rest, relax and have fun with those who are fun. I really want those days where you can sit and simply do nothing… 😀 Call me lazy but sometimes I just don’t want to answer to anyone lol.

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