Poetry in Music #TuesdayTunes

I like music and poetry. Put them together and…magic! So I thought I’d go the poetic round on this one, in a sort of way.

First, we have a vid from a TED Talk session. I’ve always liked TED Talks, especially because they often inspire. This one, I rediscovered while going through my old posts on Facebook. It’s Natalie Merchant “singing old poems to life”.

Natalie Merchant sings from her new album, ‘Leave Your Sleep.’ Lyrics from near-forgotten 19th-century poetry pair with her unmistakable voice for a performance that brought the TED audience to its feet.

Next is a collection of songs by the famous Enya, one of my favorite artists. Her album The Celts was what introduced me to her. It’s hard to choose a fave song, but I guess if you wrung my wrists, my most faves would be “The Celts” (the intro you hear here) and the hauntingly beautiful “Boadicea”. Her music always comes across as poetry to me, perhaps because they somewhat are, having been often based on Irish Gaelic songs, rich in lore and mythology.

I think, with Enya, you either like her music like I do or not. Do give her a chance and listen to this. Go to the actual YouTube video, though, to see the list of songs featured.



2 thoughts on “Poetry in Music #TuesdayTunes

    • Which song? Or do you mean the whole talk? Those were her song renditions of the following poems included in her album (gave the link in the post):

      The Sleepy Giant (Charles E. Carryl)
      The Janitor’s Boy (Nathalia Crane)
      Maggie and Milly and Molly and May (e.e. cummings)
      If No One Ever Marries Me (Laurence Alma-Tadema)
      Spring and Fall: To a Young Child (Gerard Manley Hopkins)

      Last one’s not a poem but hers, “Kind and Generous”.

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