Freaky Me #FreakyFriday

Well, it’s not Friday the 13th, but Halloween is around the corner anyway (ruuunnn!!!!). Thought I’d compile weird pics of myself, from silly to freaky, just to get into that Halloween spirit. It’s going to be a weekly #FreakyFriday till Halloween is over.

First three and the large solo show me in costume. That’s Psycholo-Gi, DJ Zom-B, The Black Hatter and Aswang Salonga. I know your personal favorite is Aswang Salonga, admit it, BWAHAHAAAAA!!! Well, it’s my favorite. So ME 😉 Next three are just pics achieved with a mobile app.

Last, my friends and I walking down “Abbey Road” : (fr. left) Slender Man, Jason (of Friday the 13th) who is out of character wearing a Pikachu beanie hat (LOL!), The Scarecrow, Aswang Salonga:)

If you want to know more about them, check out these posts: RPG [Part One], RPG [Part Two], Putting the Black Hat On

By the way, photos’ copyrights belong to all of us in the pics and to photographers Adjhan Penus (Black Hatter), Lea B. (Abbey Road Monsters), and f-l-o-r-i-e (the rest, except the zombie as I don’t remember who took it).



6 thoughts on “Freaky Me #FreakyFriday

  1. Your take on Abbey Road is hilarious! It really looks like the real thing, and you and your friends are very good posers. With more than just a dash of humour 😀 Lol at the Pikachu beanie and the matching coloured plastic bags. It really is a good match, and Jason looks like he is on a mission of some kind. Heh, Halloween is not my kind of thing but then again, I like candy a lot…and dress up can be fun…

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    • I’m not into Halloween as well, but since it was for fun, why not? Trick-or-treatin’ is a Western thing so we didn’t grow up with “Halloween”, rather we observed/observe All Saints/Souls Day solemnly….LOL!!! I didn’t think anyone would notice the plastic bags, but we actually went somewhere to buy food. And we paid a local mall a visit. They actually let us in!


      • Haha, in Asia when you buy food, it will almost always comes in a plastic bag! I can’t think of a reason why the mall wouldn’t let you in…I mean, they should know that you were up to good just fooling around with the get ups 😉 Lol, I just realised Aswang is pretty petite compared to the others…no offense 😀

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        • LOL!!! No offense taken. In fact, I love you for saying “petite”. I’m in no way petite, just short, ha ha!!! And just my luck, the guys I was with were not just taller than me, but tall by Filipino standards. Even the girl who took the shot. So I was in the company of tall peeps that day.

          “Haha, in Asia when you buy food, it will almost always comes in a plastic bag!”

          Which is not very environment-friendly. There are foods that cannot be contained well by paper bags, though. As we know, Asians love soups and sauces. Anyhoo, we have a “No Plastics” policy now here and in other parts of the Philippines. Plus, there are now bio-degradable plastics.

          “I can’t think of a reason why the mall wouldn’t let you in”.

          They did. I wouldn’t, if I were the guard. The guys were wearing masks and I was wearing makeup. Who knows if we were just pretending to be cosplaying? What if we were robbers in disguise? You never know. Some kids there did have fun hanging at the bookstore where we hung out, waiting for our office-mate who was to get her camera. They kinda screamed at first then proceeded like li’l ducklings following their mom.


          • I am short too. If you called me petite, I wouldn’t mind. If you called me short, I wouldn’t mind at all either 😀

            LOL. Your bunch looks like a fun bunch in the photos, so I am sure most would think that you were cosplaying for fun. Those kids sounded like they have never dressed up much before, hehe 😀

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            • Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve dressed up before. They were screaming more out of amusement and were quick to “warm up” to us, so to speak, they followed and tried to talk to us. It’s probably just them being kids. And I probably was very convincing, ergo, the initial reaction, ha ha haaa!!!!

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