I have to say I’m sorry for not posting for days. I wanted to post here and at My Trending Stories, but my time that started from last Thursday, I think, has been spent doing something else that I thought could help me. But now, I am starting to doubt that.

Honestly, it’s causing me to doubt myself a bit. It’s causing me stress. Instead of providing me help, it’s been causing me problems so far.

But it could help me. I will give it another chance. I will try to balance things so I won’t stress-out. If it doesn’t work, it won’t mean I’m a quitter. It will just mean that some things are not meant to be, so time to move on.

Read you tomorrow, guys.



UPDATE (09-22-16): It just took me hours to decide that no, I am NOT going to continue. I just decided now. I just think that some people get some kick out of offending others because they think of themselves that highly (while they hide behind aliases). Instead of leading you so you can do better, they succeed in pushing you down and rubbing your face in the mud.

I accept criticisms, even if sometimes they hurt the ego. Constructive ones can only make you better, right? But while criticisms are welcome, insults are not. Being a (supposed) authority in a field does not make you an authority in my life…

Well, I stayed long enough to suffer repeated humiliation, so I am not going to prolong our agony, if he/she/they indeed was/were in agony.