Butterfly Kisses and Lullabies

Today marks my anniversary here in WordPress, though I’m not posting because of that. I really wanted to pay tribute to my father, whose birthday it was yesterday. I was thinking of making my #FeatureFriday about him, but there was no time as I went to a somewhat going-away party. Then yesterday came, I wanted to post something then, except I could not exactly get the WiFi to work properly, not that it’s working that well now. I did light candles and prayed for him. So now, here I am. I just can’t not post this. He was the first man I ever loved.

In some sort of way, I was Daddy’s Girl. Sort of. My mother had problems with all three pregnancies, even lost my older brother who was the actual second child. I didn’t ask, but I assume now that they stopped after having me due to health issues. Having no boy in the family, I somehow became the surrogate son. That would explain my boyish nature. Incidentally, I think he was the one who was most afraid I was growing up with a boy’s sexual orientation.

He was very wrong. He did not live long enough to find out, though. I never had a chance to introduce him to any guy, mainly because I never had any prior to meeting my future husband.

Honestly, I did dream of the day that he would walk me down the aisle. I would imagine how he would’ve felt. I imagined how I would’ve. Would he have tears in his eyes? Would I have? I didn’t exactly walk down the aisle at my civil wedding, but foretelling the future isn’t my strong suit, right?

So what I have for him are these these two songs, my imagined scenarios, from the POV of a father and of his daughter. They’re not exact–I never rode a pony and, at sixteen, I was looking more like him than my mother–but they are the perfect songs still.

The first is a 90s song from Bob Carlisle, probably came out in 1999, because I remember obliging to a song rendition request of it before Y2K. The second, a local 80s song, if I’m correct, from Filipino popular singer-songwriter Jose Mari Chan and (now) respected film/stage actress and sometimes singer Cherie Gil.

Butterfly Kisses


Sing Me A Song Again, Daddy (NOT sure if it’s really “a song” as I always thought she said “your song”)


I’ll see you again, Dade. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!


14 thoughts on “Butterfly Kisses and Lullabies

  1. Lovely tribute, J. I am sure your dad would be proud of you. Parents always are…I think they always want the best for us and if we are happy with a level-head, then they it is okay with them.

    Congrats on your WP anniversary too. Time flies and life gets busy sometimes. Good to hear you went out and hope it was a good time at the going-away party. Life comes in milestones. Some people come and go, but at the end of the day we have the memories to hold on to 🙂

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    • I sure hope I made my father proud when he was still here. I am not sure of when I did as he wasn’t much to talk about it, but I only know of one time that he was proud of me, when he announced that I passed my college entrance test (the ONLY test silly me took…*whew!!!*)


        • He didn’t exactly announce that he was proud, but when he got home, he told us I passed and that a colleague sort of gave a compliment upon seeing my name in the list, in fact, I think that colleague was the one who informed my father first — you could hear the glee in my father’s voice when he told us 🙂


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