Interview with a Komikero REWIND #AskWednesday

And we’re back!!! Got quite a lineup for interviews with a horticulturist, a singer, another martial artist, and hopefully, a dancer (she doesn’t know it yet, he he). Incidentally, I’ve noticed that so far, I’ve got all girls. I did send a message to one guy and because he doesn’t seem to be the active kind of Facebook user, he hasn’t yet seen my message at all. For today’s hash, though, I am sharing excerpts from my initial interview with comic book artist (komikero) Andoyman.

Andoyman, Andy for those of us who know him personally, is the owner of Andoyman Komiks (obviously) and the creator of ANG SUMPA, a local detective story with some forensics stuff thrown in. He’s been doing some other stuff and he currently draws for Rappler, too. A lot has happened since this interview so I will do an update interview sometime soon (he also doesn’t know this yet, ha ha!!!). Meanwhile…




Excerpts from the original interview:

J.Gi: “Andoyman”…Why Andoyman? Why not Andoy, or your nickname Andy?

Andoyman: Andoyman kasi ’yan yung itinawag sa akin nu’ng isa kong kaklase noong college noong humihingi siya ng favor sa akin. (“Andoyman was the name a classmate in college called me by whenever he asked for favors.”)

J.Gi: (So now we know he’s a pushover, but I won’t tell him that, at least not until I post this) How about your alter ego’s “caricature”? What’s with the farmer-look? And why the mask?


This is the farmer-look

Andoyman: Farmer-look, ‘cause it’s simple, and my inspiration before was the picture in my first year high school Filipino book. There was a poem with it titled Takada ni Islaw Palitaw by Lamberto Antonio and that’s my favorite poem. Come to think of it, I just realized its significance. A farmer is hardworking and persevering in planting crops, patiently waiting for months for the harvest. Parang pagko-komiks lang. (“Just like making comics.”) So, for every drawing of panels, of characters, of places, of emotions, of the story on every page, it takes a lot of time, maybe days, weeks, months, years! That’s before you finally finish your comicbook, before you harvest.

As for the mask, I felt lazy drawing the face. Just three circles, voila! You’ve got a face – I mean a mask! At saka di ko lang trip magpakita nang mukha. (“And I’m just not keen on showing my face”)

J.Gi: Did you already know you were going to make comics when you were young?

Andoyman: Actually, no. My first dream was to become a doctor, then an architect, then an engineer. But all that time, I was already fantasizing about doing a comic novel.

J.Gi: When did you find out you wanted to really do this?

Andoyman: Several months after I graduated from college. The frustration of finding a job related to my course (degree) caused something to snap inside me. It made me cry and feel regret for not trusting the thing I loved to do with all my heart, the thing closest to my heart, and that was doing comics.

J.Gi: I just had to ask as it’s common knowledge that being an artist does not necessarily translate to getting a bigger salary. Di ba, there’s a term called “starving artist.” Do you believe that?

Andoyman: I believe all artists go through that stage…Sir Pol Medina, Jr. said (about that): Magpursigi lang kayo kasi magugutom kayo sa una, tiisin n’yo lang ‘yung gutom nang kaunti, at kung natiis n’yo ‘yun, ibig sabihin may passion kayo sa ginagawa ninyo. (“Keep on persevering though there will be hunger at first, bear with the hunger just a little bit more, and if you are able to bear it, that’s what passion for the craft is really all about.”) And I think every artist should remember what Sir Medina said.


J.Gi: You said you love to draw and tell stories. Which do you prefer more? and why?

Andoyman: Creating comics because I love both.

J.Gi: …you don’t mind doing collaborations with others writing the story instead of yourself?

Andoyman: Yes. For me, it’s exciting. I have actually done my first collaboration with my first idol in writing, Doc Ronibats. We did Palimos ng Kulangot (“Begging for Booger”) and was released and distributed for free during the Summer Komikon, then later posted online, on his website.

J.Gi: Kindred spirits having a mutual understanding…So which is harder, coming out with your own drawn story, or drawing somebody else’s ideas?

Andoyman: Drawing somebody else’s ideas, because they’re not my own in the first place. Somehow, I’d like that person to be pleased and satisfied with my interpretation of his words, of how I think he sees the story, and I want to give justice to his intentions and story.

J.Gi: Detective stories, mysteries…Can you tell us about this indie comics that you’ve been posting about for so long, you’re killing us with the suspense??? [Ed. We were talking about ANG SUMPA]


ANG SUMPA is a detective-mystery comicbook that dares to be different. Story and Art by Andoyman, Edited by SuperGi. Copyright © Andoyman Komikero

Andoyman: Ah, yes. It’s about the fictional President of the Philippines who is found dead in his private house with a few capsules of some sort of drug beside him. Everyone thinks he committed suicide. “But did he really commit suicide?” is the question in the mind of the protagonist, an NBI investigator as well as a childhood friend of the president. The mystery gets deeper and darker as he discovers secrets and conspiracies while one by one, his friends and people in power are dying, either through suicide or accidents.

J.Gi: What makes this different from the usual stuff you do?

Andoyman: Everything must be logical. The investigation, the crime, the events must be convincing then progressively suspenseful and exciting. This is not a one-shot comics, by the way. What makes it fun is it forces me to think hard and imagine what should happen next. That’s what I love about it, the thinking, the creativity that comes with the imagination. It is hard for a newbie like myself to do something like this, but I love everything about it. I love the challenge it brings.

J.Gi: Thanks for the interview and don’t forget me when you’re famous.

Andoyman: Who are you again?

J.Gi: Thanks, Andoyman!…I think.


[Read the whole interview HERE]



Hope you liked these excerpts.  Go ahead, click on the link above to see what else we talked about.In the spirit of transparency, and I have shared this several times already, I am the one editing the story of ANG SUMPA. And, BTW, all images copyrighted to him.

If you want to see more interviews, check out The NBSB Interview, where I was the interviewee, and The TKD Princess. More to come!

HELEN vs TROY #MondayReviews

NOTE: This review-of-sorts was written years ago so please do not be bothered by certain stuff in this post that has to do with time. I have edited it to lessen confusion and correct grammar as I am only human. Oh, and all photos belong to their producers, okay?


TV movie HELEN OF TROY or TROY The Movie? Take your pick.

TV movie HELEN OF TROY or TROY The Movie? Take your pick.

Frankly, what I remember about Homer‘s Iliad, I got not from reading the actual book. I learned them from my high school Literature teacher and from a smaller, much thinner book aptly called Greek Mythology, which summarized the story. Throw in The Odyssey, too. It is for this reason that my friends and I are now inclined to read the actual, entire book I have to be able to see which versions about the Fall of Troy, city of the Achaeans (Greeks), is more accurate – the made-for-TV-movie Helen of Troy (Desire is War) (2003) (let’s call that ‘HT‘), or box-office hit Troy (2004)?

Should I depend on what I actually know or remember, however, HT definitely wins in terms of faithfulness to text. Not without errors, though, I should add.

Being both spectacular, comparisons between the two masterpieces are quite inevitable. For starters, people have now begun to argue. Which Helen actress looks more the part and is fit to be called “The Face That Launched a Thousand Ships”: Troy‘s Diane Kruger or HT‘s Sienna Guillory?


Who is the better Helen, Diane Kruger (left) or Sienna Guillory?

One person online even commented that he would never build a ship for one of these women, not even a raft…But there should actually be no contest, if you think about it.

Kruger and Guillory are both very beautiful women. I hardly think any of them would be given the part if she didn’t register very well on camera. The role absolutely called for it, no ifs, no buts. My vote goes to Guillory, though, simply because she has more scenes and more of her is literally seen, pun intended. It is necessary. The title says it all, HELEN of Troy. It is the story about the woman Helen and the Fall of Troy, the fall triggered but not all caused by her beauty. How else would you make the audience believe that she could cause this? She has to look and act and be desirable, make it easy to believe that men all over would adore and desire her.

In Troy, more is also seen of Achilles (Brad Pitt) rather than of Helen. Kruger’s scenes are few and far between, her acting is limited (probably not her fault, still people have harsh remarks about it), and unfortunately yet as expected, she doesn’t have that much chance to share scenes with the real main character in the story, Achilles. Rose Byrne as Briseis has much more challenge and much more fun romancing Pitt.

HT‘s plot:


The antagonist to contend with, Agamemnon (Rufus Sewell)

The story of HT follows the story of a beautiful young girl, Helen of Sparta, whose famous beauty reaches far and wide, something that she starts to see as a kind of curse. She gets kidnapped, finds out the truth about her birth, learns her first lessons in love, loses two loved ones, and is finally won by Prince Menelaus (James Callis), brother to Prince Agamemnon (played very convincingly by Rufus Sewell, just look at those eyes!) who, much earlier, marries her sister and becomes High King.

One night, Helen meets Prince Paris (Matthew Marsden) of Troy. They immediately fall in love and he escapes with her to Troy. Angered, Menelaus follows them to claim back his wife. He threatens to get her at all cost, with his ruthless brother at his side, and other kings and warriors (including the half-God Achilles, played by Joe Montana, and the intelligent Odysseus essayed by Nigel Whitmey). The city does not return Helen and a ten-year war follows, until Troy, deceived by the Trojan Horse, falls to its fiery end.

Troy‘s plot, as compared to HT:


How come Brad Pitt always looks better with long hair?

Basically, almost the same plot happens to Troy. However, in this story, the focus is more on Achilles rather than Helen or Troy. [Ed. I am inclined to think that maybe, the title should have been changed to Achilles instead.] It is not really about the Fall of Troy, but the “humanization” of Achilles. Here, he is shown as more human and capable of love and kindness, compared to the other movie’s mean one. He seems more mortal. He does not die with just a single arrow shot on his heel, for one.

Also, considering that it is part of Greek Mythology, Troy does not exactly delve on the idea that it is. No magic or supernatural occurrences at all. His mother does not appear out of nowhere, their conversation does not reveal much of what he supposedly is, which is part-God. He destroys Apollo’s statue and nothing happens to him (although it is not expected). Lastly, Cassandra never, ever appears.

The “humanization” of Achilles has actually made me like HT more. Troy has joined the ranks of war epics. HT, on the other hand, is also a war epic and offers more. By not veering away from the stuff that make mythology mythology, the audience is first made to understand the reason behind the lovers’ betrayal of Menelaus. It is, after all, the fault of the three High Goddesses of Olympus – Hera (Andreea Radutoiu), Athena (Gina Nalamlieng), and Aphrodite (Emily Kosloski) – particularly Aphrodite, who, in their petty concerns, bribes Paris to make him say she is fairest among them. Somehow, the lovers see each other prior to their actual meeting, and then come to believe that the gods and goddesses have willed them to be together.

The inclusion of Cassandra in the story certainly adds “credibility”. She does, after all, figure prominently in the Iliad. Emilia Fox and her large, expressive eyes give justice to her role quite wonderfully. Meanwhile, I am not sure of whether Paris does become a shepherd or not in the book, but the movie makes it all the more reasonable.


Matthew Marsden or Orlando “He-Looks-Better-with-Long-Hair” Bloom?

However, from what I remember, Paris is not supposed to be very brave and good in combat. On the contrary. Here, Orlando Bloom‘s Paris is more accurate. Marsden as Paris, however, is really much admirable, lovable and, at the risk of getting the ire of people, I say, better-looking. Nothing against Bloom – I love Legolas! But as this is not Lord of The RingsI mean, hey, he did not even shine in Pirates of the Caribbean, right? Hmnn…must be in the hair.

What’s more, in their desire to concentrate on Achilles and on Pitt’s behind, the producers of Troy have somehow neglected to improve on the story about the Fall of Troy itself, something HT gives attention to. The second explores relationships, whether man-and-woman, father-and-child, husband-and-wife, between siblings,…It’s there.

There are many other things that would be worth pointing out in both HT and Troy. Accuracy, inaccuracies, better or worse portrayals, etcetera. But the point is, whichever version, if you’ll just take it as it is (which is a movie), it would actually be worth watching for. So grab a copy now of Helen of Troy and wait for Troy’s release on video. Evaluate, compare, do whatever! Just as long as you watch them and enjoy!



Have you anything to add, share or debate about with regards to this post? Feel free type them all down in the comment box! I welcome a lively discussion 🙂

They Say Something Together #TuesdayTunes

Today, I introduce to you #TuesdayTunes!!! This is all about music, folks. Please keep in mind, if you are in Asia, that I am following a different time zone, so forgive me 😉

So for our “opening salvo”, we’ve got Hanna de Guzman (from my college years) doing a SMULE duet with Ian Axel, one-half of A Great Big World, who originally sang this song:


I’ve known Hanna since college. We were from the same city but never met until college, taking up the same degree and going to the same university in a nearby town. I knew she was a singer in her own right, in fact, she sang our college radio station’s theme song. I have always loved the quality of her voice.

Fast-forward to these days. I have been checking out (and enjoying!) Hanna’s duets with her friends when I saw this duet with the lead singer himself of the duo that sang “Say Something”. This happened after she got an invitation for a duet.


Ian Axel’s invitation for a duet

We’ll get to know more about Hanna one of these days. Meanwhile, like I always say, ENJOY!



If you’ve done something like this, feel free to let us know 🙂


Necessary Changes #MondayMemoirs

Some memories may not be that pretty, but they improve you, make you strong, and sometimes let you achieve your goals. Like this one (just click on it, a new tab will open that will redirect to my other blog — read it better, if you’d like):


I was told by some back then that they actually liked what I wrote and could they copy it? LOL!!!


Have you ever written a well-explained resignation letter? Can we get a peek?

By the way, DISCLAIMER: Just sharing, NOT implying anything! Do not read between the lines, there’s none, HA HA HAAAA!!!!!

If I inspire You, Then I’m Happy #AskWednesday

confused-girlIt’s #AskWednesday!!! Actually, it’s supposed to be…No, wait…Alright, now I’m lost! HA HA HAAAA!!!! I’ve been trying to fix my hashes (read: hashtagged days), but I ran into a few problems (mainly non-blog related).

So just to let you know, there won’t be anymore throwbacks on Thursdays as #MondayMemoirs can take care of that, and tips will be moved from Tuesdays to Thursdays. These changes will hopefully help. Meanwhile, I do have an interview in line, one with a friend, but for now, I present to you this. I have decided to officially (finally!) accept my blogger-friend Christine Robinson’s Very Inspiring Blogger Award. It’s to kill two birds with one stone, too.

On her page, she urged us whom she listed to just choose any of the awards presented there, or to maybe choose the Bouquet of Flowers Award instead. I decided to go for the this one because she did give it to me, as she mentioned in the comments thread of my Useless Bits page, except the link is no longer there.

Honestly, I really feel honored. To be called inspiring, wow! I really do hope I inspire more people even with my limited abilities. Anyway, this is today’s post for today’s hash since Rule #4 is somehow synonymous to getting interviewed. Now, remember, some of us bloggers have made our own rules about the freedom to not follow blog rules. It just so happens that I don’t mind answering *wink!*

The Rules:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and add a link to their blog.

Thanked her long ago. And there’s the link above, which you don’t need to wring my arm for–I would’ve shared it, rule or no rule.

2. Display the award on your post.

See left side. There you go.

3. List the award rules so your nominees will know what to do.

I didn’t delete this one because “3” does come before “4”. Also, in case someone decides to nominate fellow-bloggers for this award, too.

4. State 7 things about yourself.

I wanted to have a sort of theme here, but couldn’t decide what, so whatever comes to mind…

  1. I am more drawn to blogs that have more “personality”. I don’t mean like they tend to be popular or anything, but that they have a more personal touch, that I can feel a sense of the blogger, how s/he is, who s/he is, what s/he does, what s/he feels…So even if s/he only has these few followers or appears to have none, I wouldn’t mind following. There are blogs that have lots of writing here and there, but the bloggers do not really share themselves. I don’t feel that connected to them, like I’m just supposed to follow and admire from a distance…Sorry for the honesty, folks…
  2. I think, people who can very well confront you NOW and talk to you calmly, but decide to keep mum then take to social media to air only their side of the story, with matching insults, and saying something insulting (about your looks, your lack of education, your poverty) that’s not even related to the issue, they’re either cowards or bullies or both. We have had something like that go viral here, but the poster got much of the flak instead, and not that she didn’t deserve it. I also was kind of a victim a few weeks ago. I was just told about it by very credible sources, but I didn’t even try to know the exact words. Not worth my time. Besides, what was she doing practically giving a shout out when she knew we weren’t even contacts? DUH….Sorry again, guys,…I hope I’m not becoming uninspiring, he he.
  3. When I was a tweener, I heard the old song ‘Don’t Cry Joni’ and teared up at the end. Oh, and I’ve liked ‘Earth Angel’ from the first time I heard it from the movie Back to the Future.
  4. I’m kind of a sucker for old songs, especially those with stories.
  5. I wrote songs. Not so good. ‘Nuff said.
  6. I’m just feisty when I get confronted with something immediately (I can be very mad, which I’m not proud of) or when I come to a point when you’ve pushed me to the limits. But when not, expect me to answer you very calmly, which is what I want, because nothing really gets resolved when people shout at one another. I know that for a fact.
  7. I don’t take revenge or, as they say, get even. But it doesn’t say I will back down when I know I am in the right.

Strangely, I think I will lose this award….LOL!!!!

receive-award5. Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award.

I nominate you all!!!! You all inspire me to blog!!!!

Thank you again for the award, C.E.!!!!



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Any interesting interviews you’d like to share, though? Come, share!


Your Dreams Vs. Unsupportive Asian Parents: Finding Your Way

This gallery contains 16 photos.

I wasn’t supposed to post anything today other than a reblog (see previous post). But this is a relevant and very good read! Certainly relatable especially for Asians. To add my piece, my parents never discouraged my writing. But they never really encouraged me either. That was why I didn’t really know I wanted to […]

NEW & SHAMELESS!!! #atozchallenge2015

I’m six days late, but…HAPPY FIRST YEAR, J.GiOFFICIAL!!!

The End Justifies the Journey

What’s NEW??? Well, I’ve become shameless. I’ve got a shameless plug, that is. This is something new that I am trying out, new in the sense that I’ve only done this now.

I feel awkward calling it “Fan Page,” but that’s what Facebook generally calls its pages,  particularly those accounts owned by individuals.

“A fan page is the only way for entities like businesses, organizations, celebrities, and political figures to represent themselves on Facebook.”  (Heyo Blog)

j-gi-official-fanpage It’s me at J.GiOFFICIAL

Reading it makes me feel more awkward as I am not sure to which category I should belong, if I should even have such an account. But then again, it’s a personal choice. And if I believe I am a writer in my heart, then I should claim it. Why should we always limit our choices in life?

I do love this description much better as it “covers” me:

“Creating a…

View original post 177 more words

July 2016 RECAP #MonthlyRecap

Oh, July! How fast you went by! But at least, you kept me pretty busy and I hope I can keep it up. How did I fare? I think I did well enough.



(1) I started my Hashes — that’s what I’m calling my hashtagged posts (e.g. #TuesdayTips, #FeatureFriday). These kept my blog busy. Not sure if they work to my advantage in terms of actual readership, but they give me more focus. July was trial-and-error month, though, so I’ll be trying a more workable scheme.

For August, I’ve started trying to see what works best, what combo days, etc. The stats page does tell my current best days and best times, but since I’m not a business anyway, I am not going to sweat on those. It’s not really just about what brings in the visitors, but about how I can work on my posts efficiently and regularly. If anything, I maybe adding one or two more hashes.

BTW, this post replaces #MondayMemoirs for now.

cherished-blog-fest(2) I joined and finished a challenge! It was the Cherished Blog Festival (#CBF16, #CherishedBlogFest) that was held last July 29-31. Instead of just one post for the whole challenge, I made one for each day. I will try to join this again next year.

Through this, I met more bloggers, followed more, got more followers–win-win situation, right? However, considering what I thought of sharing as cherished “item” (FAMILY) and my own feelings at the time I created the posts, they became therapeutic for me. I do want to keep it more jolly next time.

Post titles: ‘My Family’, ‘How do I Love Thee’, ‘Inspirations’

(3) I continued “re-updating” Memoirs of a Coffee Cat. Was actively doing it first half of July, not-so-much the next. I’m not really in a hurry. This is how it’s going to run.

(4) I got interviewed about life as an “N.B.S.B.” or, at least, former. It was fun to share my story, in a sort of way. In hindsight, because I didn’t realize at the time that since I’d be sharing it to you all, who are mostly non-Filipinos, I should have stuck with an all-English interview. Most of Dr. Eamer’s blog’s Filipino readers understand English anyway. Nevertheless, you can still get a lot from what I shared.

(5) Last time, I mentioned about the Awards Gallery. Happy to report I did add the newer certification badge. Currently trying to find time to get certified for yet another online training. Meanwhile, sorry to announce I haven’t answered three blog awards still, especially one that I told my blogger-friend Christine a.k.a. C.E. I was going to answer (honestly, I began, but answering it proved to be harder than it sounds).

Social Media Reach-out:

(1) As usual, I try to say thank you to new blog followers, even post-likers. It’s just right to show my appreciation and let them know they’re not just statistics to me. I make sure to visit their blogs, say something, have a look around.

If I haven’t told you yet, I have been visiting those who have clicked on FOLLOW even many, many, many months ago, been doing that since last year. I feel ashamed for not having said my thanks before. Understandably, many of them probably felt unappreciated and did not come back, so I’m reaching out. I’ve begun doing the same thing with my Facebook page. It’s just funny when I message them and they ask “who are you?”

(2) My Facebook page, J.GiOFFICIAL, just turned one last Friday, Yaaaayyyy!!!!!


I mentioned about having created my Wattpad account. Well, after my first fiction post, my posting itself became fiction, sadly. Haven’t had the time and that should be what I have to really work hard on, having the time. Haven’t even updated parts of stories.

Again, I will try. Maybe I should integrate my writing with my hashes. Will let you know soon. Planning two other things. Not telling yet. You’ll know it once something comes out of them.


Honestly, if I start telling you what’s been happening now and what’s been happening in the past years of my life, you’re going to get much more entertained with  my true stories rather than with my fiction. These recent weeks weren’t that kind and were particularly stressful. I just try to take things in stride, keep calm and keep the peace. Just don’t make me promise to stay like that as that will depend on other people. When you keep getting pushed to the brink, eventually, you’ll push back, right? I just try to balance things. For now.

On a less serious note, I finished Gregory Maguire‘s Son of a Witch like I said I would 😉 Currently finishing Anne Rice‘s Interview with the Vampire that I long-started and kept long-abandoned till now. Don’t ask me yet what’s next on the list.


Alright, August 2016, let’s get to work!!!

The NBSB Interview #AskWednesday

I totally had a different interview in mind to share for today’s #AskWednesday. Then Dr. Eamer shared this one yesterday and I thought, okay, why not?

Dr. Eamer has been posting a series of chat interviews tackling relationships. Or the lack of it, ergo, the topic NBSB, which is the acronym for “No Boyfriend Since Birth”. It’s in mixed Filipino and English (lots of English, you won’t feel totally confused), so feel free to read it and the continuation. Why am I especially sharing this? I dunno, maybe I know the interviewee…? I mean, DUH, it’s an open “secret”! *rolls eyes* he he…

Mahirap Bang Maging NBSB? Elaborate

(Is it Hard to be an “NBSB”?)



Check out last time’s interview with a martial arts artist…Uh, martial artist?…Alright, Tae Kwon Do artist, The TKD Princess.  If you’ve got something to share and want to be featured, do let me know and email me at (honestly, I just thought of this NOW, ha!).