Inspirations #cherishedblogfest


A picture of My New Family taken last Father’s Day

I was rummaging through the drawer last night then turned to see the little boy looking at me.

“Oh, you’re awake? Go back to sleep.”

“You’re leaving again?” He knew I was going home last night but my stepsons were already asleep when I got there.

I felt a tug at my heart. “Let me give you a kiss.” I went to their bed and he stretched out his arm for a hug and I planted a kiss on his cheek. Then I planted one on the cheek of his brother who was in dreamland.

“It’s just midnight. I’m not going yet. Go back to sleep.” So he did.


…Times like this make me think that even though people have lots of opinions on how we–I–raise our kids, I must be doing something good, too. I tend to be strict with the kids, with the bigger one most of the time. Then I feel guilty always afterwards. But times like this, when I feel they don’t hate me…they make me stronger and want to try to be the best mom again,  at least, for them, try and try.

They inspire me despite the hardships. I love my new family, no matter what others say, no matter who they are. I will fight for them if I have to.



The Cherished Blogfest runs for three days (July 29-31). You can still participate as there’s still hours to go till the…uh…horizontally challenged lady sings! Just go to their OFFICIAL BLOG…By the way, my cherished “thing” is family, so here is my new family.

14 thoughts on “Inspirations #cherishedblogfest

  1. J.Gi, a beautiful family and heart-warming thoughts in your post! Yep, being a mother is the hardest job! You have the character & strength to guide & help those boys flourish and grow up to be gifted adults! 💛Elizabeth

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    • Thank you as well. I’ve visited other posts already but have yet to visit more. Had a lot of problems to fix over the weekend that I didn’t expect. I was so drained, needless to say.


  2. I think raising children is one of the toughest jobs out there. I’ll never know, as a parent, but as a teacher, it seems that having boundaries and being strict at times can help them shape and grow into flourishing adults!

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