How do I Love Thee #cherishedblogfest


This is an ultrasound of one of my precious babies that I never got to hold


How do I love thee?

How I wish I could count the ways and tell you and your sister just how and how much.

But how could I when you left and broke my heart into many, many pieces?



The Cherished Blogfest runs for three days (July 29-31). You can still participate! Just go to their OFFICIAL BLOG.

21 thoughts on “How do I Love Thee #cherishedblogfest

    • Thank you guys for the opportunity. I have to admit, my posts made me cry, but I am grateful for the chance to unload. Thank you guys so much. Will try to participate again next year…I was away from the online world these last few days so I will update myself with others’ posts as well later. It’s good to read what others share.

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  1. I’m sorry you lost your little baby. My guess is that you are enjoying your daughter to the fullest every day since you know how precious life can be. Thanks for participating in the blogfest.

    Mary J
    CBF Cohost


    • Thanks, Biker Chick. Currently, I have no baby of my own. I lost the first last year, the second (the one here) this year. Hopefully, we’ll be really blessed next time, that there’ll be a next time, but it can’t be this soon.


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