Lani’s Universe #FeatureFriday

It’s #FeatureFriday, folks! I was going to do this two weeks ago, buuut an idea popped into my head. Well, somebody sort of gave me an idea. I decided giving a voice recording post a go. UNFORTUNATELY, my resources fell short of making that a reality for now.

Now! Just to explain, for #FeatureFriday that’s supposed to come out every two weeks, I will be featuring people, places and things. Primarily, I aim to introduce blogs and/or bloggers I like and sites I enjoy. This is my way of thanking them for adding joy into my life. 🙂

So first up, we’ve got…


Lani V. Cox is an American expat with Thai and Chinese roots. Her whole story as to how she became American, she has already shared in her blog. It’s an interesting story, I promise. Read the About page. Whenever you visit a blog, always read the About page to get to know the blogger more and…well, because I said so! No buts!

lani-v-coxI’ve been blog friends with Lani V. Cox since 2014, I think (I did some checking). Sometimes, we kind of lose touch with each other, not that we’re personal friends as we just met here in the blogosphere. She becomes busy, I become busy, or both of us become busy. That’s why we are unable to blog at times or to actually follow blogs we have committed to follow.  Such is the life of a blogger.

Lani has been to different places, often for work. So she’s had a taste of various cultures and these, she unselfishly shares to her readers. Her blog’s about teaching (her profession), writing and traveling.

Sometimes, she waxes nostalgic, but usually, she shares how life is where she’s currently at, the people she meets at times, the places she goes to, her job, her living conditions, anecdotes here and there. As I love to learn about other cultures, she certainly gives me lessons by bits and pieces. It also makes me snicker or smile whenever she mentions stuff in Southeast Asia that I, as a Southeast Asian, can relate to, good or bad–it’s my cue for a good, little online tete-a-tete. What I love most about her is her free spirit and sense of humor, plus the fact that she gave me my first-ever blog award, he he!

I think shethe-missing-teacher‘s one of those people that others almost-immediately warms up to. She’s smart, too, which keeps me going back to her blog. I like her voice very much–listen to her audio-recording of posts (do you now have an inkling of who made me think of audio-recording mine?).

Her writing can be quite engaging and–oh, speaking of writing!–she’s written a book!!! (nice segue, eh? *wink*). It’s called the missing teacher, but don’t ask me why the title’s in small caps as I haven’t asked her yet. In her own words,

the missing teacher explores the personality of education, looks into one of the most controversial education systems, and is a story about the education of self.

Ooh, makes you want to get a hold of it, yah? Do get a hold of it!

So, guys, get with it and visit Lani at her blog Life, the Universe and Lani. I wouldn’t give her this award if she’s not worth it. Oops, yeah, I forgot to mention that. Featured bloggers automatically get the Blogger Recognition Award (click on the image below to know more).

Hey, Lani! This is yours! Feel free to do what you want with this wonderful award 🙂


7 thoughts on “Lani’s Universe #FeatureFriday

  1. What a nice surprise. Thank you, Gigi, Jennifer, J.Gi 😛 It’s almost always interesting to hear how other’s see you and what they like! I don’t know what to say!

    Sometimes, I get discouraged with the blogging world, with social media. I mean, I’ve been consistently blogging for years now and bloggers come and go – and for me, it feels like it is very slow to grow. I know part of it has to do with the fact that I’m not a niche blogger and I’m older than most bloggers, so I’m not part of the “I have 1,000 friends on FB” generation.

    But excuses aside, I have to remind myself that if I was bigger than what I think I should/want be, then I wouldn’t be able to keep up with friends. I simply couldn’t. Or I’d drive myself crazy trying to keep up with it all. I can barely keep up now! So, my sincere thanks for reminding me of what’s important – connections.


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  2. Like you, I really like Lani’s blog a lot and I look forward to each of her posts. You summed her up very nicely, J. Amazing how she juggles life as a teacher, her blog and traveling and has a book out, and working on her second one.

    “I think shethe-missing-teacher‘s one of those people that others almost-immediately warms up to” I agree too. There is just something so welcoming about her blog, and Lani as a writer and as a person too. And that makes me read her posts and want to get to know her more. It would be an honour to meet Lani one day. Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

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    • Thank you so much for reading!!! I’m glad you agree with me. When I was planning my first #FeatureFriday, in fact, when I was planning featuring bloggers even before, she was already at the top of my head.

      I would’ve posted two Fridays ago but I couldn’t find a way to do an audio post. I’ve not given up yet 🙂

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