My Family #cherishedblogfest


That’s me with my parents and my big sister at the zoo on my 5th birthday. I remember being very scared of the giraffe…Forgive the torn part and the overlapping pic

I had been thinking really hard about what to share. In the end, I still decided on my family’s picture, my family before my new one now. I didn’t want it to be cliche, usual, common. But when it comes down to it, what do I cherish, treasure most, really? It’s my family. Aren’t you like me? Except my family will never be the same again. I hope yours isn’t like that yet.

My parents left forever in 2012, as those who have followed me long enough already know, and they know I keep coming back to talking about my family. That’s ’cause you never forget family, your parents who were good to you, who fed you, sheltered you, loved you even in their own way.ย  And you know in your heart that no matter what others say, your parents know how you loved them, in your own way as well.

There’s never really enough time to show and tell your loved ones you love them.



The Cherished Blogfest runs for three days (July 29-31). You can still participate! Just go to their OFFICIAL BLOG.

41 thoughts on “My Family #cherishedblogfest

    • If I could only click on LIKE a thousand times, I would! Thanks for telling me that, you made my day, considering that the last few days were so hard on me. Well, when I was a kid, they called me “Ning-Ning Liit” or Little Ning-Ning (her nick) because I resembled her. But really, I now resemble my father more, my sister resembles her. LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE…!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I love old photos, somehow the sepia and black-and-white filters bring out the emotions and nostalgia that vibrant colors can sometimes overwhelm.
    I’ve stumbled upon your blog through the Cherished Blogfest, and must say I’m out of the loop on some things being a new in this neck of the woods– but you’ve already made me smile in your about section and pulled at my heartstrings with these posts (without me having much context). So, I’m sure I’ll be back– love your genuine voice!

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  2. Beautiful picture and you are right about family. Even when we make our own, our parents’ love and that sense of family is such a thing of life. You can see I am rambling. No words and I agree with you on each single letter there. Hugs!


  3. There is nothing like the love you feel from your parents. There really is comfort in the closeness of family. We’re so glad you joined the blogfest this year. I am so sorry for the changes that have occurred to affect your family situation.

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    • It’s okay. As we all know, you don’t just let someone you love him/her through words. I’m sure you and all others who did not exactly post about family cherish theirs. In essence, I did share things–family picture, ultrasound…And to be honest, I was going through something last Friday when I made the posts…

      Thanks, Susan, for the comment ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Visiting from the Cherished Blogfest. I agree that family is at the top of the list of things that are so precious to most people … including me. I hope your memories of your parents will always continue to bring you happiness. Best wishes.

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  5. I’m sorry that your parents are no longer living, but glad that you have your memories and photographs. I lost my father four years ago and still miss him very much. It’s difficult to lose family.

    I understand why a five year old would be afraid of that giraffe. He’s huge! Thank you for sharing your story of family and participing in the Cherished Blogfest.

    Mary J
    CBF Co-host

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    • And thank you for visiting and the comment. Means a lot. I have a feeling most will be posting family-related stuff. I’ve visited several already and I have yet to see a post that isn’t family-related. I have scheduled two more posts, and they’re family-related as well, he he…

      Again, thank you ๐Ÿ™‚


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