This is me. Not Me, Me. But she portrays someone who could very well be me. I was laughing!!!

I admit, it’s funny. It’s not exactly a laughing matter, though. I know there are people like me who have a problem with their sense of direction. However, how I was exhibiting this was worrying me somewhat as I felt that I wasn’t normal anymore. Well, I Googled the other day and it turned out, I was both right and wrong.

While I felt better to find out that there are more of us out there who are like this, I just confirmed that it’s still a brain issue, one of several possible ones. (Just Google and you’ll see–er–read what I mean). It is also very possible that we didn’t use to be this way. That got me into thinking, “Heeey…come to think of it, I don’t remember being this way either when I was a kid.” So I wonder what caused this…

Luckily, it’s often not something really serious. And lucky for me again, while I do get lost at times, I always reach my destination. At times, I am even able to do remember directions. I’m not hopeless! I just need to be more observant of where I am, of the landmarks, of anything that should be easy to remember.

But it is funny 😉


Is this you, too? Share to us your experiences and so will I. I’ll share to you mine if you’ll share to me yours. Deal?