Words of Thanks

I wish I had done that for my parents!…I know it is too late to let them know, but JennyMarie gave me an idea just the same. I’ll create that journal and thank my parents with all my heart and pour my love on those pages…

Peace from Panic

Years ago I gave my mom a birthday present she’ll never forget. A Gratitude Journal. She  says it’s her favorite gift she’s ever received from me. She was turning 65. I bought a blank book, and numbered the pages 1-65. On each page, I thanked her for ways she’d impacted my life.

At first, I thought, “How am I possibly going to think of that many things?” Once I got started, gratefulness gushed out. I brainstormed, and remembered dozens of times she’d supported, loved, and cared for me.

For instance:

“Thank you for making me go to church when I was little. Faith is now a huge part of my life.”

“Thank you for taking me to the beach every Tuesday in the summer.”

“Thank you for going on walks with me. And when we had nothing to say and I thought it was an awkward silence, you told me…

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