Presenting…FIDO BOB!!! #ThrowbackThursday

I have changed my mind. On Tuesdays, it’s going to be #TuesdayTips, which I will do twice a month, in the same week as #FeatureFriday. #ThrowbackThursday comes out every two weeks as well, along with #AskWednesday. So now that that is out of the way, as some (who am I kidding? I should say “a few”) of you know, I have been taking care of my “new” blog. This post is something I encountered again and I now, finally, feel like really sharing:

Presenting…FIDO BOB!!!

This morning, the driver of the tricycle I boarded was Fido Bob. “Bob” because I can’t remember his name and I think this suits “Fido”, which isn’t just for dogs, but my own version of “Pido”, my own short term for – (*gulp*) – pedophile!!! Yup, he is. Or was, maybe, though I’m not sure. When I was a freshman in high school, on my first days, my mom used to accompany me to the city proper early in the morning so I could board a jeepney bound to Los Banos, a town an hour away, where my school was. Fido Bob worked as a barker, someone who called out to people, urging them to ride the vehicles (in that case, jeepneys). He was short, just about my height, maybe even a bit shorter. He was in his late 20’s already, I gathered…

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Fido Bob


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*NOTE: Not all pedophiles are child molesters, according to research. I now know better (I wrote the post back in 2004 and the experience happened much earlier,  too).  “Child molesters are defined by their acts; pedophiles are defined by their desires.” I do wonder what would have become of me if he continued…