You Ask for It #AskWednesday

It’s #AskWednesday!!! If you’re in Asia, the day’s nearly over, but if you’re in the West, time is just about right 😉

To explain, #AskWednesday has to do with interviews and/or questions and answers. It’s going to be a twice-a-month thing, alternating with #FeatureFriday. My intention is to do some interviewing, if people will allow me, but do expect re-shares of other interesting interviews from the Net and fellow-bloggers.

For today, let me first share my FAQ page that I call Q & A Portion, which is kind of the opposite of what to expect: You interview me. Well, at least, you get to ask me questions.


The idea is you ask me anything (that’s not beyond limits), I respond back. Now, I haven’t received much questions yet (but there have been good conversations), so I urge you to come post a query, pretty please? *batting my eyelashes*

Next time, I present to you a Tae Kwon Do black belter. Meanwhile, I am daring you to ask me anything! 😉


In case I’ve interested you enough, here are the TOP TEN QUESTIONS PEOPLE ASK ME 🙂