My Happy List Item #51

I just remembered…Something to add to My Happy List:

51. Do my best jump for a jumpshot

Maybe it’s no big deal to you, but I learned early in my life that I am unable to jump properly. I sucked at jumping ropes, and even if I did play Chinese garter, which I didn’t because I lacked the right social skills then, I would have still sucked since I did try to jump once or twice and let my dreams of being an expert drift away. Don’t ask me why that is so, but that is so. I was even actually invited by the coach to join the track varsity team in college, but I said no for various reasons, one being I secretly tried jumping hurdles and I couldn’t make my legs to coordinate properly.

That’s why every time there were jump shots involved in some picture-taking, I was never satisfied…So! Jump into last year (pun intended) when we were to have our company summer outing and I knew there would be the requisite jump shot. I wasn’t going to fail myself again and so, one, two, three — jump! I finally found a way to do it even if I looked like having stomach cramps, ha ha!!! Can you find me here?


With the permission of all the peeps here, I shared this to JUMP FOR JOY! Photo Projects Eyoälha Baker and she posted it in her project’s Facebook page

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