Getting Your Killer Content Creation Team

I am a writer. But one thing I like is the opportunity to edit other writers’ works, which I have been doing on-and-off since I decided to concentrate on the writing field. That is why I like this article I found. It’s a nice link for all of you looking for writers, about when you outsource contents, but I think this much describes how an editor should find and work with her writers. I worked using Zerys before myself and I’m glad to find out I did right based on the tips given.

I think writers will learn a bit from this, too, so read on, guys 🙂

7 Secrets to Outsourcing a Killer Content Creation Team


“This is a guest post from Steve Lazuka, founder of Interact Media, the software development firm behind the Zerys Content Marketplace and question-and-answer website, YoExpert”


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