Prayers for More

This writeup came out: Our Mourning is Broken: Paris and Privilege.

I cannot be so bold to agree with him that “the world’s call for collective mourning is due to our obsession with the preservation of whiteness” because I personally am not mourning that way. I am mourning for people, period. And the reason I have France’s flag on my profile pic is because Facebook offered the opportunity.

To be more honest, at the time, I was not aware about the recent bombings in Lebanon (about which I later chatted online with my sister-in-law who is there) or the earthquake in Japan, so it was not like I was just concerned with the preservation of whiteness. On a more personal level, I live in the Philippines that almost always needs the world’s prayers on a yearly basis. So yes, we need your prayers even if we’re not white, regardless of your religion.

I agree on what the writer said, though: “Stand with Paris, but stand with all terrorized peoples, not just those who the media deems worthy. Stand with those on our own soil who are reeling from the effects of oppression and violence…Solidarity is working to lift the people in every corner of the world who suffer under the weight of oppression. Solidarity is ending terrorism on all fronts, whether it’s fueled by racism, capitalism, misogyny, religious extremism, queer/trans antagonism, or classism.” He went on to enumerate more reasons why we should stand for more than Paris, and I wholeheartedly agree.

Meanwhile, I believe that religion is a personal choice. I personally do not see anything wrong about praying for Paris. I saw some artist’s message yesterday that did not sit well with me (I mentioned about it two posts ago). Just because people would like to pray for others, it doesn’t mean they are pushing their religion into others’ faces.

I would like to share what my pal, Jim Caro, said in his FB post:

“We ‪#‎PrayForAll‬, the ‪#‎Lumads‬, ‪#‎Lebanese‬, ‪#‎Iraqi‬, ‪#‎Afghan‬, ‪#‎French‬. There are heaps of bad news ongoing around the world while social media rules of SEO ranked ‪#‎PrayForParis‬ is trending, we don’t forget those who suffered in Mindanao (Philippines), killed in the bombing in Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan and suffering from natural and/or man-made disasters.

It’s not a competition. Grab the opportunity to help your supported cause. Take every opportunity to contribute to its public awareness. The terrorists sure did their job.”

Do let us pray for all. And like I always say, if prayers are not for you, you don’t have to say any. Just, at least, wish others and the world well.


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