Reading for Self-Improvement

“To learn or get knowledge of from something written or printed.” ( on ‘reading’)

If we only try to be more observant, we’ll find that the most reading people have done in recent years consisted mainly of checking out friends’ social media statuses to be updated on others, and texts through short message services (SMS). Let us not fool ourselves – those hardly qualify as real reading. It’s not that you should stop. It’s about you spending some quiet time for yourself and enjoying a good read.

A good read does not necessarily mean a good book. It could be an article from a magazine or journal, whether online or offline. The main requirement is for it to be actually informative aside from enjoyable to read. According to a blog post by George Tziralis, Executive Director of Openfund, a seed capital fund, “A good read is the one that gets you to think about it, more time than it took you to read it.” That’s spot-on.

Don’t miss out on a lot of benefits that can be gathered from actual reading.

The benefits:

*builds new skills with new ideas

*improves vocabulary, grammar and phrasing

*improves memory and verbal language skills

*opens window to other cultures and people

*adds creativity

*enhances critical thinking

*great way to use interesting information

*boredom- and stress-buster during conversations

*creates experts out of those who have read about particular topics long enough to be  considered knowledgeable

See what you have been missing? Try reading again and see how it works for you. A good read may be the best read ever yet.



Red-Eyed Monster

If you hadn’t heard (or read, to be more specific) from me this recent week, it’s because I hadn’t been blogging. Well, no secret there, he he. What is not secret is I got sent home as I was beginning to turn into a red-eyed monster….


But don’t you worry, that’s nothing violent or controversial, definitely not mutating. Just means I got conjunctivitis, the pink eye, sore eyes. Total bummer, folks, and another level of eeeww-ness whenever I wake up from long sleep. Well, if you ever suffered from pink eye even once in your life, you’d know what I mean.  Getting better, though, 90% there.

Mind you, it’s not just me, but it’s currently “doing the rounds.” I got my “pink” (well, red) ones from the youngest in the house. The older boy got it from him as well, but I got it the worst. Husband’s oh-so-lucky he doesn’t have it. Well, so far.

I have stayed home for the rest of the week. But I, thinking this would be a great time to catch up on my writing, assumed wrong. Had to deal with other matters that got me physically and mentally tired, there’s no time to write. Priorities. Pfft. You grow up then you got priorities. Boo! Down with priorities! So not fair >p

Currently, I am still feeling that tiredness, but I didn’t want to not say hello to my pals here and bloggerize with you a bit. Hope to be 100% back in the next two days. Meanwhile, I’ve got other posts just waiting to be published.

Blog and Roll, guys!!!