NEW & SHAMELESS!!! #atozchallenge2015

What’s NEW??? Well, I’ve become shameless. I’ve got a shameless plug, that is. This is something new that I am trying out, new in the sense that I’ve only done this now.

I feel awkward calling it “Fan Page,” but that’s what Facebook generally calls its pages,  particularly those accounts owned by individuals.

“A fan page is the only way for entities like businesses, organizations, celebrities, and political figures to represent themselves on Facebook.”  (Heyo Blog)


It’s me at J.GiOFFICIAL

Reading it makes me feel more awkward as I am not sure to which category I should belong, if I should even have such an account. But then again, it’s a personal choice. And if I believe I am a writer in my heart, then I should claim it. Why should we always limit our choices in life?

I do love this description much better as it “covers” me:

“Creating a Facebook fan page is an amazing way to promote your business, build awareness for a cause, gather support for your band, or to advertise in a number of other ways.” (wikiHow)

This should give me more motivation to write, plus I will be able reach a bigger number of audience. I doubt that I’ll have that much actual fans, I am not delusional, but just having a few would be very cool for me already.

That said, we go to the shameless part — Please LIKE my fan page!!! It would mean so much to me….Thank you, guys, you’re so kind 🙂

Meanwhile, if you are wondering whether opening such an account is for you when you already have an account, this might help: Personal Page vs. Fan Page.


I hadn’t the time and resources to continue the A-to-Z Challenge until now. This is my “N” post, N for “New”.

N of A to Z

Do you have a fan page? Why not show to us? Just add the link to the comments so I can approve your posting the link.

5 thoughts on “NEW & SHAMELESS!!! #atozchallenge2015

    • Hi, Christine! Thanks for the LIKE!!! Yes, I think you will get my posts. I was trying to understand the difference between their FOLLOW and LIKE buttons because apparently, once someone clicks on any of those, he’ll start getting notifications. I did try to find the FOLLOW button with no success. Oh well, if the LIKE one achieves the purpose, I’m already cool with it 🙂

      If you have your own fan page or if you’re also using your profile page to get to your readers, feel free to share the link(s) here =)


        • One reason I created it was so that I could manage my friends list, really. I’m finding that a lot of my contacts (who invite me) are people I don’t personally know (but have mutual friends with), which I would not mind since I like meeting new friends. However, they either don’t say anything or post anything, which makes me wonder if they’re just inactive or don’t want to share to me any of their posts. Privacy, I understand, but why invite me in the first place? Or maybe they don’t want to be bothered by my posts. Then again, they can always Unfriend me. I do value my own privacy, though, and you never know who you meet especially if they’re just…THERE. So a separate page should help — no one feels obligated to be bothered by posts, or be worried his/her private online space is being invaded, or scared s/he might get stalked.


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