My Missing Random Post

A few weeks ago, since I was not able to write a proper blog post for maybe a month or so, I decided to post something about random stuff. However, when I tried to find the draft, I could not find it, which was a blessing in disguise in a way for it paved the way for a more personal post.

I decided to to post something in particular now as a page and where did I happen to find this? In the pages section! That’s why I could not find it before, I set it as a page, not a post!

Anyway, I decided to edit and continue with it…

Okay. I’ve been busy with work, family and foosball lately. That explains why I haven’t had proper time to write a proper blog post.  Just had my laptop fixed, ergo, I may be able to enjoy more time writing again. Meanwhile, there are some random stuff that I’d like to share to you.



What. this isn’t fierce enough for ya? 😉

FOOSBALL!!! I just mentioned it at the start. A foosball table came to my and my officemates’ lives just this June and we’ll never be the same again. It was just all for fun and then we decided to have a tournament. First, it was the doubles. And now, we’re playing singles — it’s every man/woman on his/her own.

It’s one of the funnest activities we’ve ever had in the office. Brings out the competitive nature of some, but it’s still all for fun. Winners get whatever the others have pledged (mine would be his/her choice of either a cup of Starbucks coffee or an order of milk tea at the milk tea store near the office).

Personally, I don’t think I’m winning anything except a few matches, but don’t tell them that 😉  I am up against kids who grew up playing fast games online and in the arcade. They have busy hands. Hey, I’m still learning from these experts.

In the Foosball World, I am Alias: Li’l Dove Feather:

Li'l Dove Feather

Check out my theme song…Fierce, too, eh? What I lack in skills, I make up with pretend, LOL!!!


You fictionists out there might want to try and join this contest! The Creative Writing Institute is holding a writing competition. If you love to write whodunnits (although they are open to other genres…Does genre have a plural form…?), this is for you. I’ll try to squeeze it in myself, but I’m not promising anything. I should have had my laptop fixed much earlier.


The CWI Contest Guidelines

Read the whole instructions and MORE from their site. Oh, and Happy 7th, CWI!!!!!


So cute and funny!!!


Dat be us from the office 😉


The Office Jumpshot!!! Photo credit: Adjhan Penus

That was taken during our company outing at Laiya, Batangas. I’m not a jumper, not really good at it, it’s one of my frustrations, actually. So this was my best jump, like ever (I’m third from right)


Wise words.

18 thoughts on “My Missing Random Post

    • Well, I’m not exactly the arcade-goer type, but the younger ones at work say some arcades have foosball tables. I’ve only seen some on TV and movies until we recently got one in the office. Great fun, if not stress reliever. I found out that like in sports, I tend to play fierce. Doesn’t mean I’m good, only I’m fierce, like I hit the ball too hard that it ricochets to various parts of the table, if not directly back that I have no time to hit it again, ha ha haaa!!! I’m like an amazon on the loose!!!


      • I know it took me too looong but finally migrated to WordPress. 😀 Luv ya too. Still checking things around here, don’t yet how to change the header pic but will get to that soon. 🙂


        • I think that depends on the theme you are using, how it is going to allow you. If it’s a paid site, you’ll be able to edit using the Appearance/Editor feature, I think, although it might require a bit of coding…I’ll check an actual paid site and compare…

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          • I was right. Also consulted my officemate beside me, he he. Well your blog is free but if you, for instance, paid for it and had someone do the encoding, then let’s say you’d like to change the header pic, you’ll have to upload the image first to the Media Library, then go to Appearance at the dashboard, click on Editor and you will be redirected to a page showing the current coding, ready for editing. Click on Header found at the right side and you’ll be shown the coding that’s specifically for the header. You will find there where the current header image is and you can change the image with the one your prefer using basic HTML 🙂


  1. Hi Gi! Love your blog, honey. Thanks for the post about the contest. It has been extended to September 1, so all of you writers get with it. I haven’t started my story yet. (All judges and invited guests will submit a story to go in the anthology that contains all of the winning entries, plus ten Judge’s Pick stories. That means those ten stories didn’t win because of one reason or another, but the judges loved them for content, so the anthology will contain about 30 short stories! You can see our last two anthologies on Amazon named WRONG, and OVERRULED! Great reads.Ack! I didn’t mean to write this long! Hugs. Deb

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