BIKOY #atozchallenge2015

B of A-to-Z

Hello again, peeps! Let me first say, just to make it clear, that my first two letters for the A to Z Challenge happen to be posted on the same day, April 2, for the simple reason that we here in Asia generally start the day earlier than the rest of the world. Technically, if I were to follow the standard international time, I could post this past midnight and it still would be April 2 for the rest of the world. That said, today, we go to the letter “B” and after much thought, I decided to feature the “name” of my most favorite man in the world (well, along with my father), my husband.


It is highly unlikely that you will use this pic, nevertheless, please refrain from doing so as this is for family use only — thanks. Copyright © J.Gi Federizo

Let’s call this The Origin of Bikoy.

His real name is Alvin, but some friends and family/relatives call him Vin as a term of endearment. But because we are in the Philippines where “F” becomes “ep” and “P” becomes “fi”, his “V” normally becomes “bi” so I spell — and pronounce — his nick as B-I-N. That is, when I am not calling him Bikoy. It is my coined term just for him, and he decided to call me his Bikoi, with an “I” at the end because he wanted to reciprocate.

To be perfectly honest, not only did I not want the usual “sweetheart”, “honey”, “darling”, “babe” or whatever, but it was my way to avoid calling him Baby Ko (My Baby) back, he he. No offense meant to others, but I just didn’t and don’t see myself calling anyone my baby unless he is my own child. Me, say Baby Ko in public? Ugh, aaawkwaard…So, to make the story short, BIKOY is simply a modified version of you-know-what.

And that, folks, is The Origin of Bikoy.


NOTE: Just got miffed. Just like last night, my WiFi’s network seems to work much, much slower in the evenings these days. So this post got posted April 3 instead when I said it would be April 2! GRRRRRRRR!!!!!!! I have to remind myself to post earlier instead and try to make time during the day (my day…I’ve been busy cleaning up stuff and throwing out a lot of them). I’ll try to post more images as well; my tablet gives me trouble. I really miss my laptop.

Anyway, hope you liked my little tidbit. It’s not something I am comfortable sharing to others 😉

7 thoughts on “BIKOY #atozchallenge2015

  1. Hi, there… I am a blogger in the U.S. and my husband and I called each other “Baby”. It is quite often used as a term of endearment here in the states, especially Southern United States where we are from. My husband passed away nearly five years ago. Come visit my blog anytime. Your posting was very interesting! Best regards to you. Ruby a.k.a. “Blabbin’ Grammy”.

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    • Hi, Ruby! Thanks for the comment! Yep, I know about “Baby” being a common term of endearment there, and it’s from there that Filipinos learned the use of the word in that context. Some of us, especially the younger the generation, have taken to saying babe or baby, but most do not feel comfortable with it. We do not think it awkward hearing Americans say them, but here, it’s generally sounds a bit too pretentiously sweet, cute, young or “high society”. It’s really a culture thing.

      Thanks again and will definitely check out your blog.


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