Bye, Jamie

I wish I could say it’s okay. People will say it is, we can try again. Sure, it could be true. I know we’ll try again. But right now, I’d prefer not to hear it or read it. Please don’t say it, just don’t. Just do me this favor, alright?

It’s not really okay. A life cannot be replaced; it’s just we learn to move on. Not because it most probably can be done again, it would be okay to forget. I won’t, not me. In fact, I gave him or her a name, regardless of what the sex would have been: JAMIE GABRIELLE VINCI. To those who recognize the name, yes, after one of my characters.

Do not worry much about me. I am okay physically, just recovering. One thing about me is I have a high tolerance for pain. Yes, it was very much uncomfortable when I was going through it, but it was a pain that I could still take.

Right now, I am able to smile, laugh, even visit Facebook. Inside, I am normal like you, which means I am aching somewhere. In time, it will heal, of course, but definitely, I will not forget my Jamie. I am keeping his/her first and only pictures.

Thank you to all who have prayed for me, for us.