That Explains a Lot

So I’ve been on the warpath lately, shouting back at rude drivers, somehow daring line-cutters for a confrontation,  and giving a condescending, self-righteous fellow-customer who did not mind his own business a kind of talking to. I also kind of almost threw a fit when I ordered food for lunch and was delivered the wrong dish (good thing I only found out during lunch so I had time to compose myself and tell them of the mistake two days after). Basically, I am a walking time-bomb these days, in a sense, worsened by all the things I’ve been feeling physically for quite a while now. I’m not the sickly type, I have never been hospitalized save from when I was born, and the worst sick I ever got was when I got the measles…at 20.

So needless to say, this has been bothering me. Somewhere at the back of my mind, I suspected a more logical explanation, which I wasn’t sure I was ready for, a suspicion that everybody around me was quick to voice out with some excitement thrown in. What really bothered me more was the thought that what if we were all wrong?

I need not explain why I had to wait till this Saturday to find out, but I have to say that the result of my test actually made me smile, even if I still feel I may not be ready for it. It’s part of the plan, part of the territory as a married person, so I must be ready, whether I like it or not. I’m too old not to be ready. My now-husband had been waiting for it. So he was there with me when we waited for those two lines and, voila! It didn’t even take a minute to give us enough suspense 🙂

I was not able to talk to my intended OB last Saturday, but will schedule an appointment soon. Meanwhile, I’m getting an appointment with another near my work so that I can absolutely be certain how “positive” things really are. Hopefully, it’s not a false-positive ’cause not only would that be a disappointment, but that should worry me of my physical condition again.


Just got this from the net, but this is exactly the brand I bought

So, just want to say that I would like to apologize to anyone I’ve been mad at these past weeks and….Okay, I’m not really sorry about those drivers, line-cutters and that self-righteous customer. What I’m saying, though, is I’ll try not to lose my cool again. Not only is it not a good thing, it also won’t be good for the little one. Kindly be patient with me as well because these mood swings also come with the territory and I may not be able to control them at times. Sorry in advance. Just please pray for us because we may not be going through it smoothly.

HAPPY HEARTS’ MONTH AGAIN!!! This has been an extra special month for us, indeed.


UPDATE (02/25/15): Went to a doc this afternoon and was told that if the PT said it’s positive, it’s positive — we’re pregnant. I mentioned about false-positives but she was rather sure it isn’t so, perhaps after hearing the physical hardships I’ve been going through. As for how many weeks it’s been, we can’t tell yet. Sadly, she said my card doesn’t cover the tests, and I do say it in plural because it’s not just going to be an ultrasound that I will need. She ticked down various tests I will need since this is the first time I’ve ever been pregnant. Therefore, I might have to postpone the tests a bit until maybe next week when we’ll have the moolah for those tests. That’s okay, though, because what I really just wanted was a confirmation.

People at work have said that the card does cover tests, so I’ll have to inquire from the card providers themselves to be sure. Will do that lunch-break tomorrow. Hopefully, they can at least cover some of those tests. Why, I even need to take the blood-type test. I said that back in high school, I was found to be Blood Type O, but back then, they still didn’t include the “+” or “-” for that (from what I know, there were only A/B +/-). She said they probably just didn’t test well, but I wanted to say, well, doc, maybe you were still just a baby so you didn’t know they didn’t include that back then (she seems kind of young). Oh, and she also prescribed three tablets I should take once a day — yuck. I’m not really a fan of taking meds, but since it’s needed, will have to follow…

Wow…this really changes everything in my life now. EVERYTHING.


30 thoughts on “That Explains a Lot

  1. OMG You are going to be such a fantastic mum!!!!! SO, SOhapy for you!!! I’m a gradfather now..Imagine… One day it might be you too!! HAHA.. Ok skipping a ot fo stuff now… Jumping ahead a couple of deacades when what you need is to take it one day at a time when you feel grumpy!! Sharing one of my secret again… When I feel bad or grumpy, its just for today. When I feel good, i tell myself that its going to last forever!! Sometimes you feel like a nut!! Sometimes you don’t!! HAHAH!!! Congratulations again my dear dear GI!! Huge HUGZ!!! and smooches you construction site (belly!) God bless you and this child you are bearing!!


  2. You are!!! Congratulations! Everything you describe fits, regardless of confirmation tests. How exciting for you both and your family. Take care of yourself. And congratulations once again. 🙂


  3. Read the update – so excited for you! Hopefully, those tests will be covered – they’re probably not something you should skip. As for the 3 pills – while I don’t know for sure what you were given, I’ll bet at least one of those was the prenatal vitamin. Even when I was first pregnant more than 30 years ago, I had to take that. Be sure to take care of yourself – that is the most important thing.


    • Nope, not skipping anything. Just saying I was going to wait for money. Fortunately, I’ll be able to have those tests this saturday. Will schedule an appointment later.

      Regarding the pills, yes, one is prenatal vitamin, one is for calcium + Vit D, one is for ferrous sulfate + folic acid. Will ask my new doctor if she will prescribe the same stuff (she probably will). I’ve been drinking milk for moms since Sunday also.

      Thank you so much for the concern. Will do my best to take care. Trying very hard not to be stressed out at present actually as we are experiencing a non-pregnancy related problem with a loved one right now. I’m praying very, very hard that things work out well.


  4. J.Gi, very happy news if it’s true! Just know mood swings go with the hormonal changes. But, you know that! Good that you are checking with a doc to be sure. Look forward to hearing more news…Christine


  5. Oh, how wonderful! I hope the dr confirms and everything turns out all right for you. I know those first few months can be a little nerve-wracking waiting to see if everything is as it should be. Congratulations.:)


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