Love Love Love!

It’s the Love Month. And in keeping with our theme this month, let me share to you a few local love songs that I have found myself always singing over the years. Filipinos are really a sentimental lot. It is sad that the music industry has somewhat been suffering because they mostly record either just revivals now or just record their own versions of foreign ones.

That said, I would like to share our own brand of music, which may or may not be to your liking but please do check them out first. I have compiled songs here. Some are in English and some are in the local dialect, but don’t worry, translations are available. Do bear with some transcriptions. Meanwhile, you can sing along especially with the English ones.

I shared what only came to mind. Was just surprised that they’re all by bands save for the first one. Anyway, like I always say, ENJOY!

Everyday by Agot Isidro


Forevermore by SIDE A. This song is popular again because of a popular ongoing TV soap titled the same.


Alipin (“Slave”) by Shamrock


214 by Rivermaya


Huling El Bimbo (“Last El Bimbo”) by Eraserheads. Sad song, this one. Long extro instrumental, too. If you want, you can stop after the second set of “lala-lala-lala…” I like the whole of it, though. By the way, the actual name mentioned is Paraluman, not Paraluma, and refers to an actress of many yesteryears. “Paraluman” actually means “muse.”


Harana (“Serenade”) by Parokya ni Edgar, something to counter that last one. I really like this novelty band but surprisingly, they made this sweet song that has become my most fave from them. The vid is just them being their normal silly selves.


9 thoughts on “Love Love Love!

  1. Yes, you are so right, and there so many local songs dedicated to love. Music goes well with love and many songs are inspired from love and the romance in our life, it is a powerful force and this force can move a sleeping soul and life graduates into a past paced track when we are in love.
    Love and romance is not limited to two individuals, it is beyond this boundary and also our romance can be anything from writing to travelling to nature…it is a wonderful manifestation of our passion.

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  2. I see you are in love and in the mood for love, so that’s good since you’re newly married. 😉 Harana sounds a lot like it could be from Hawaii…thanks for the share. I feel more Filipino now. Hahahaha.

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    • LOL!!!! Filipinos are always suckers for love songs. We still sing and play on the radio songs of yester-years, the 80s in particular.

      A lot have also been revived and that is why kids today think they’re just new songs and are then surprised to find out the versions they know are not the originals. But I am amazed at how they don’t suspect based on the sounds because songs do differ in “sound” per era. I think that’s because they/we grow up listening to such daily. Imagine 80s songs being revived and kids start singing to those without saying, “EEEwww…that’s OLD!!!” He he…

      I really like “Harana.” The band members do not have the nicest voices so it helps that they’re a novelty band, but I like the simplicity of many of their songs, the love songs in particular. They’re not all silliness, really. Their first hit that put their name on the charts and made them famous is actually “Buloy,” which seems to be just a fun song about a happy-go-lucky, easy-going buddy at first. Then you find out the twist near the end when they find that the fun-loving persona has been all-pretend and he has let depression drive him to suicide…I think it’s supposed to be real story about a real friend they had and from what I heard before, the family of “Buloy”

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