Farewell to the Girl with the Smiley Heart

It’s only been almost two years, but my love for this Smiley Girl never diminishes. Her family and friends, me included, miss her so much. But I smile still for the lovely memories. Thank you, Betchico, for those memories that we’ll keep forever in our hearts.

The End Justifies the Journey

“Hi, my dearest friend. Will undergo my 3rd open heart surgery tomorrow 7 am here, 8 pm there on Tuesday feb 5. Please pray for me, para maka-bakasyon pa ako d’yan at makapag-starbucks tayo.” (Please pray for me, so that I can still go on a vacation there and we can meet up at Starbucks“Love you and miss you my dear!”

My friend Betchico One of my dearest, best friends, Beth Garachico-Shockey, who lived a colorful, somewhat tumultuous, but fulfilling life. Image Copyright © Jerry Shockey

That was her last message for me. She is coming home for good, but we’ll never meet up at Starbucks and I’ll never have the chance to see her ever again. She with the beauty queen looks and wonderful smile. It was a shock the other day to find out that one of my best friends, Beth, has finally left us, never to…

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2 thoughts on “Farewell to the Girl with the Smiley Heart

    • Thanks, Colleen. This is also why we should always let important people in our lives know that we love them before it’s too late, Cliche but so true. Just glad Beth knew what she meant to me before she left.


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