Before I forget…

You’d think that with the long holiday vacation, I’d have lots of time to post. I do have lots and lots of things to share swimming in my mind. The thing is time is still kind of hectic and pressure is building up. I am actually really so stressed out right now. Maybe after everything that I am preparing for, things will start going back to normal…Although it’s going to be a different kind of normal from then on.

Oh, just got my year-end report from WordPress. As expected, I did much better this year. I hope to keep it up by next year. As a start, I will for sure create version 3 of my Resolutions for That Necessary Lifestyle Change. It’s a must for me to come up with this to reflect and guide myself. 

So before I leave WordPress this year with a repost of something, let me greet you again a…

Thank you, guys, for making my 2014 more meaningful!!!

Now for my repost…:



11 thoughts on “Before I forget…

    • Thanks,Lani! I am able to log in now from home, thanks to my sister who’s back home and brought her laptop. Well,I’m using my tablet now but I’m taking advantage of her WiFi and I can borrow her laptop these coming days. Much love and light in the new year for youas well!!! 🙂

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