Before I forget…

You’d think that with the long holiday vacation, I’d have lots of time to post. I do have lots and lots of things to share swimming in my mind. The thing is time is still kind of hectic and pressure is building up. I am actually really so stressed out right now. Maybe after everything that I am preparing for, things will start going back to normal…Although it’s going to be a different kind of normal from then on.

Oh, just got my year-end report from WordPress. As expected, I did much better this year. I hope to keep it up by next year. As a start, I will for sure create version 3 of my Resolutions for That Necessary Lifestyle Change. It’s a must for me to come up with this to reflect and guide myself. 

So before I leave WordPress this year with a repost of something, let me greet you again a…

Thank you, guys, for making my 2014 more meaningful!!!

Now for my repost…: