Aawkwaaard…but thanks :)

I feel kind of awkward posting this. I am not a power blogger in the first place, and my number of followers is hardly impressive, so it’s like, “what, you think you’re already popular and need to post this?” I’m not.

Still, I really feel that I owe many of my LIKErs and FOLLOWers especially an apology. I have noticed that lately, I’m getting more and more followers — I know I owe much of it to other blogs where I (have) comment(ed), one in particular, but I won’t have to mention. It’s amazing how one thing good you say can actually gain you a following, but I am really grateful for that.


And that is why I am here, to thank all my LIKErs and FOLLOWers. Then I would like to apologize to those to whom I have not “personally” said my thanks yet. Normally, I make time to visit you and do it and often check out your posts. It’s just that lately, things have been kind of busy, plus, if you haven’t read my post about it yet around two weeks ago, my laptop is inaccessible at the moment. To make the long story short, I don’t have lots of opportunities to actually log in and say my thank-yous.

But I’d like you to know I appreciate you all and hope that we become better online friends and supporters and share thoughts, insights, dreams, works,…anything!

Again, THANKS and HAPPY BLOGGING, y’all!!!


Ang Pagpapatuloy

Just want to share the site for Andoyman’s comics ANG SUMPA, which story I just help edit. You might want to check out his art. Unfortunately for non-Filipinos, the dialogues are in Filipino/Tagalog, with just a li’l bit of English thrown in…ENJOY!!!