I am right now at an internet shop that’s along the street where I live during weekdays. Ruby, or the typhoon internationally known as Hagupit that is actually a Filipino word  that literally means lash, is currently doing just that here, whipping the country over and over! I hope it leaves soon and stop beating the Philippines to a pulp.

I left our house in the province today amidst strong winds and rain, unsure of how it was going to affect the house that already took a beating from typhoon Glenda last August. I hope it’s done over there and left the house unscathed. The thing is it’s coming to Manila, where I am. Okay, correction. It’s HERE. If I weren’t worried about work, I could’ve stayed in the province. And nice time for my laptop to be in bad shape. That would have made remote work possible.

Just letting you know of the situation. I don’t know how it’s going to be tomorrow. Even the experts cannot say as Ruby keeps changing her mind about where she’s going and how strong she is going to make her presence felt.

Also, I would like to ask for you to pray for my country, regardless of your religion, or at least express hope for us, if you don’t like religions. Lots of our provinces have been ravaged by Ruby already. I’m sure you can find news and images just by Googling and you’ll know what I mean. It’s going to be a sad Christmas again for the country.

I am very sure that after all this, we are going to have lots of pieces to try to put together again.  So if you can help us in any way you can, that would be very much appreciated as well. Do make sure that you connect with the proper channels.

Thank you all.

6 thoughts on “Ruby

  1. I noticed your comment on Victo and was curious. I’m glad I checked your site. Your writing rings of authenticity. And, I’ve been praying for your country to have a long rest from these horrendous typhoons. Chat with you later. Susan


    • Thank you so much, Susan! Ironically, Ruby did not hit us as hard as we anticipated, although it was still sad. Especially because the same places got hit the hardest (not that I want other places to be affected as well)…


        • Yeah, ’cause with Ruby, we didn’t know what to expect. Where my sister was then, it would keep changing –from Signal #3 to #2 to #3….Good thing it didn’t really seem like Signal 2 or 3, more like 1. i was worried about our own house in the province to which i go home weekly. it was ravaged by Typhoon Glenda back in August and things weren’t quite the same yet. Not even until now except it’s better…

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