Don’t Go Hatin’ on Blog Awards

I know that a lot of bloggers do not appreciate awards and I know why, and they have valid reasons not to accept. It does seem like a chain letter. A chain award, I guess. But I also do think that it can be very subjective. When I got my first award (Liebster Award), I knew it was given sincerely.


Thanks again, LANI!

It all depends on who gives it to you — is it someone you have great communication with or, at least, someone who visits you often (LIKEs, FOLLOWs or even just comments), OR is it someone who visited you just once or twice, just recently, maybe just gave one comment, if ever he did?

Make this quick mental checklist. Ask yourself:

(1) “Has this person visited and communicated with me enough?” (Because if not, what makes you so sure he’s read anything from and explored your blog to even declare he likes it enough to give you an award?)

(2) “Has this person exchanged views and ideas with me even if it’s just at his own blog?” (Because sometimes, people do probably visit your blog and just don’t say or do anything, but it doesn’t mean they don’t like what they see. So at least, give this person the benefit of the doubt)

(3) “What do I have in my blog that is good to like?” (You of all people should be the best judge of whether there is anything worth liking there, any quality posts you’ve done, any that people LIKE-d or commented most on)

If your answer for #1 and #2 is NO and if, with regards to #3, you are having a hard time convincing yourself that you have posted anything of quality, then do your Math and get a clue: No, he’s probably not really that into you (just to sort of borrow a quote). If anything, this is a good way and time to rethink your blogging goals. I’ve said it before that if you care about what you write, or blog for that matter, others may care about it as well.

That said, accepting the award is really up to you. You can choose not to participate, and any reason not to participate will be valid — no time to do the “rules”, not interested, etc. No one is twisting anyone’s arm. Just decline it politely. No, that is not a requirement, either, but that is called proper etiquette.


Thank you, JAFAR! I have accepted the award HERE


Thanks, CHRISTINE! Will get to this soon









I don’t mind awards. Of course, I will not be a hypocrite and deny that I hankered for at least one, just to feel that I was doing something right. But if I didn’t, I wasn’t going to sulk about it, either, and would just try to do better. I’ve gotten three so far, two of them I have yet to post. Because I know they were given sincerely, it makes me feel appreciated. So sorry if I don’t feel sorry that anyone reading this may think this award-giving thing is pathetic.

If your concern are the “rules,” you don’t need to follow everything. In my book, if you are given the award, you’ve already done your job right, so you certainly do not need to do anything more. It’s not even supposed to be called a nomination because no one’s going to win over all the others, and who’s gonna be the supreme judge of that anyway? It’s an award is an award is an award. The moment it is given to you, it is yours and you can do what you want with it. Some of us have actually ignored the supposed “rules” or tweaked them to our liking. The only one who can demand the award back is the giver and so far, I don’t think anyone has ever done it, but don’t quote me on that.

Personally, I’m doing them because I like answering questions and sharing myself. I was one of those kids perenially asking others to write on her slambook (guess what? I still have those old slambooks). In fact, I can still totally do that, but others have grown to be too “mature” to bother; I think they just lost the fun of being young.

If accepting an award brings in more readers/followers, too, why not? Isn’t that what blogging is about? Sharing. Some will say “I just write for myself.” Sure, I write for myself, too, because it makes me happy. Recently, Lily of Such Small Hands posted the question, “Should I write? Should I not write? What should I write? And why? And for whom?” My answer: “Write what you want in all honesty and fairness because you love it and you do it for your own happiness (if it makes others happy, that’s going to be your bonus).”

See what I did there at the end. Because let’s be honest. If you don’t want anyone reading your blog, then go to your settings and set it on Private so no one will ever get to read it but you. No one’s telling you not to do that. A blog is just a modernized diary and if you want to keep it locked, it’s all up to you. In fact, that should be a great way to keep awards away from you. But if you intentionally keep it public, no one’s going to believe you don’t care about having people read it. There’s a conflict of interest right there.

From where I stand, this is how I see it: Awards are ways to show others appreciate you. So I will give awards to those blogs that fit my idea of what the awards are all about. Even if their owners don’t want to participate. Because in the end, it’s all about my appreciation of them and how they inspire me to keep writing.



Do you agree, disagree or just agree to disagree with me? Comments are welcome, no matter which side you are on. This is a democratic virtual country. Well, except if you decide to be nasty because I intend to keep this blog war-free. 😉

21 thoughts on “Don’t Go Hatin’ on Blog Awards

  1. Personally, I have felt honored by each award I’ve received, and I have willingly passed the awards on to others, and I thought carefully about my nominations before bestowing them. There was only one award I passed up because I simply didn’t have the time that week to do the whole chain-award thing. I prefer awards that are given freely, without requiring the blogger to answer a series of questions that he or she has probably already answered on his/her own blog anyway.


    • Good thoughts! Not sure of any awards that are given freely without acceptance work! That would be another category of awards. Would not be sure of the meaning, if the intent is to link the blogging community by passing the award on to others.


      • Oh, I just mentioned about creating another award and it’s going to be free.

        “Would not be sure of the meaning, if the intent is to link the blogging community by passing the award on to others.”

        I think that’s plausible, just not in the normal blogs-awarding way. More of like the normal linking way. You post links to your awardees’ blogs for your other contacts to see and visit if they want to. After all, even with the first way, people still don’t really connect with each other if they’re not interested. They visit, then that’s it. Same banana.

        I’m just going to award blogs, not nominate, based on what the award is going to be about. I’ll explain why they’re getting the award (I actually already have a specific criterion). Then at the end, I’ll just say something to the readers, something like, “Feel free to give this award to other wonderful blogs.” No questions to ask (though I really do love those!), no numbers of blogs to “nominate”. If people want to do this, thank you. If not, no harm done. I really just want to show my own appreciation.


        • J.Gi, that sounds intriguing. With your creative mind, you’ll come up with a good one. Your blog site has a very sophisticated design so you are already an expert. Look forward to seeing your creation!


          • Probably not as intriguing as you think, but I’ll try.

            Oh, I would like to thank you for the wonderful comment about the design. But it’s really just one of the WordPress themes and the only tweaks I did were on the widgets, he he. I love colors, but I also love order. So I decided on something clean-looking, then most of the colors would come from the images I post. I just made sure it’s reflective of what I do with the blog, which is write 🙂


    • Me, too! I feel honored whenever I’m given awards. And me, too, I have willingly passed the awards (well, so far, one award) on to others, and thought carefully of which blog to nominate. I make sure that I don’t nominate the person but the blog itself, meaning that it doesn’t have to do with how much we’re chummy but how much his/her blog fits my interpretation of what the said award is about.

      I honestly look forward to their answers. In fact, when I encounter others doing this, I read everything they answer. Maybe I’m too nosey? he he….

      As for awards being given freely, I have actually been thinking of creating one for two weeks now, but haven’t gotten around to doing it because I first want to do the two “undone” awards.


  2. Awards are a personal choice…every award has a purpose and a meaning, it may meet our one’s thoughts and may not meet many ones…but for whom it meets, it makes a huge difference.

    Awards coming from fellow members is something cannot be equated to other awards coming different platform…you appreciate it because you have been award by someone who understands you…

    The purpose of blogging is means different blogger… for some it is an excellent platform to express and meaningfully engage, that is so satisfying that becomes their biggest award and for others just getting connected and knowing so many things is the greatest award they give themselves…

    Congratulations for your awards and keep blogging for all of us to enjoy your beautiful posts…


    • Yes, blog awards are personal. It is up to you what to feel about them, what to do with them. We can gauge based on our experience with bloggers if they are nominating us because they like our blogs (hopefully!) or if they just want to increase connections, and it’s up to us if we think the second is just okay with us, and if we’d like to put in that extra effort completing the requirements.

      Thank you, Nihar!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yes, you are right, in the disguise of more connections and more likes, we miss the essence of blogging.
        It is such a fantastic platform to know so many wonderful friends like you and we manage to learn and share beautiful things of life…but awards are good but shouldn’t derail the very purpose why we blog and engage in this beautiful platform…

        Happy Blogging!!!


  3. J.Gi, I really do agree with you on many points about awards. I think for me, I took the accepting and doing the work very seriously. So, never thought to do just what I wanted to and leave it at that. I wouldn’t feel right not following the rules totally! And as I said in my comment to you on my blog site, I thought it was respectful to the nominator to know ahead of time if a person was going to accept it or not. Just good manners! I had the experience of nominated a few blogger friends and found out after the fact that they had award-free sites. That took up a nomination for another person who would have accepted. Plus I spent a lot of time getting to know the person & their blog site before I nominated them. Incidentally, I’m still blogger friends with the ones who don’t accept awards. They are awesome people! It’s good to know your opinion on awards and I would guess there are many others who think the same. I’m new to blogging and maybe I’ll think differently about accepting awards over time. Right now I’m pressured to write books! Remember, I’m no spring-chicken, and my coauthor is eighty-six-years-old. Plus, I seem to lag behind in reading over a 100 email posts a day, and commenting! I hate to just look, like and leave! That’s just not right! Hope you can see my side of the discussion, and you’ll still follow me, even though I’m award-free.


    • LOL!!!! No problem at all!!! I see your side and understand fully. And like I said, it reallt depends on the one to whom the award is given. If you want to participate completely, go ahead. If not, no problem. We’re humans and most are riddled with stuff at home and at work, so time isn’t exactly a luxury for most of us. Exactly why I haven’t answered the two awards, that includes the one from you. Like you, I’m trying to visit and enjoy others’ blogs first.

      I also just realized that you posted your piece way before I did this, so in case it seems like this is a sort of answer to that, no, it isn’t. This actually developed because I was starting to create my answers to Jafar’s lovely blog award. I just thought I’d better make this a whole post.

      And truthfully, right now, I say put those awards aside and write those awesome books!!! 🙂


      • Thanks for understanding! Your post was timely! It did get me thinking about how serious I am about completing work no matter what it is. And I’m somewhat of a perfectionist! Things have to be just right! I love those three awards and all the new bloggers I’ve met through the process. I will do that, write those books! Time is of the essence! My son jokes with me and says, ” Mom, you’re old as dirt, you’d better write faster.” Take your time with the award acceptance work J.Gi…and remember about the sunset photo…I’d love to showcase one of yours!


          • That would be awesome. You can send it to me in a short post or put it on your blog site somewhere and I’ll come over and copy it. Just let me know on the Welcome Page. I’m thinking about changing the Welcome Page to include a blurb about The Land of Blog Sunsets! Bloggers hit that page before reading further, and I’d like it to be more personable for them! So far it seems to be a peaceful welcome! Happy Blogging J.Gi!


  4. Awards mean more when they come from bloggers who know you and follow you. We are all aware of those who just “LIKE” everything and never say anything and you don’t even know why they “LIKE” you because you go to their site and you can’t find an immediate or any connection. Yes, they are chain letter-like, but they’re fun, too! Who doesn’t like answering questions about them! Right? 🙂


  5. You are so right that if you take the time to acknowledge someone by giving them a blog award, then accept graciously whether you like awards or not. They are a great way to get your blog a little exposure it may not have gotten. I received six of them (a couple were doubles) and I used to follow the rules, but them I realized I was putting too much pressure on my self to nominate Etc. So when I get one now, I accept, answer the questions and if I have the time I will pass on the award. Someone took the time to read your blog and to acknowledge that what you did was to them, worthy of an award. Just take the damned thing, express a little gratitude and don’t be a jerk about it. Unless your blog is about how to be a jerk.


    • Thanks for this great comment, Basil! This really isn’t a stab at those who express dislike about awards. It’s more like a reminder that an award is supposed to be a gift, not punishment.

      It’s really the pressure associated with the awards that bloggers complain about. Which goes against what we should normally feel when we are given awards. So I say accept, say a thank-you if you can, then let your virtual trophy sit and stay on your virtual display cabinet, whether seen (by posting the logos online) or unseen.

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