What The Voices Said To Me

For some reason, I’ve been hit by the reblogging bug. This must be the week that I’ve reblogged more than once. Well, though I thought earlier that I already met my reblog quota, allow me to do this one last time for this week. I am re-sharing an actual anecdote that is both funny and insightful. Do yourself a favor and read on 🙂

Behind the White Coat

San Antonio 128

The unkempt man before me looked at the floor, his discomfort playing on his face as he hesitated. “Doc, I think I am having a problem with parasites…”

“Really? Tell me about it.” I braced myself. I knew it wasn’t going to be pretty.

This sort of thing never was.

“When I take a shower, these worms come out of my ass and then squirm back into my body through my toenails.” He went on to tell me how for months this had been going on. He was too scared of these worms to take a shower now.

His eyes met mine. He was terrified. Terrified of them. Terrified of me. Terrified of what I would think of him.

“Oh.” I grimaced. In my head I was thinking “Riiiight…” What I said instead was, “Well, I will want a stool sample, of course….”

He stood up, excited, and started digging…

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