Even They Have Pride

*NOTE: This was an old post, from when Multiply was still interesting enough. I think I posted this here also a few years back, but for reasons I won’t elaborate, I deleted it. So I had to debate with myself if I wanted it back, decided that I do, so I searched my files and found it. I have to admit, searching for an image for this depressed me suddenly.


For almost three months, I had been taking a different route going home to the dorm. It’s funny because after three years, it was only then that I knew that I could actually take that route! That is so me. If anybody wanted to get me lost, he wouldn’t have a hard time doing just that. 

But this is not about getting lost and making a fool of myself.  


This image is from Sociological Imagination

You see, since I started taking that route, I had been seeing an old woman hanging around the street corner where I usually alighted. She looked almost like a beggar but because I never saw her ask anyone for anything, purely by coincidence perhaps, I couldn’t make up my mind. I couldn’t just walk up to her and hand her alms. What if she got mad and shouted at me saying, “Ano’ng akala mo sa akin, pulubi?!!” (“How dare you mistake me for a beggar?!!”) Besides, I had been burned before, thoughts of a past experience running through my head. 

However, one evening, I alighted on the street corner again and saw her looking at me. I began to walk away then stopped on my tracks, pretending to be going through my things. I thought I would know the answer if she came up to me. She did approach me and held out her palms, begging, though I couldn’t understand her mumbled words. I brought out a plastic bag asking her if she wanted some sandwich (and it happened I had two). I mean, hey, that’s what beggars need money for. Food, right? Besides, if she would take it, that might mean she wasn’t part of some syndicate. Then maybe I would give her money as well. But the old woman looked at what I was holding and declined. That got me disappointed and a bit mad. I put the plastic back in my bag and walked away thinking, “HA! I knew it. To think I considered giving you money. You’re just one of them!”

That had been my frame of mind until last week when the storm arrived. On my old route, I alighted from the tricycle I boarded due to the flooding. Surprisingly,  there she was sitting and taking refuge in front of a salon, wearing nothing but shorts and sleeveless sando. I wanted to ignore her but I couldn’t get my eyes off her especially since she was holding out her hand  to me again. 

I went to the old woman and asked if she would like some bread. It occurred to me that her hearing was bad already because I had to repeat the question several times. But what overwhelmed me was guilt upon realizing that the first time she approached me, she probably didn’t even understand me! That was why she had a weird, puzzled expression on her face! And I walked away from her leaving her hungry and lonely!

I tell you that really hit me like a ton of brick. Especially when she told me that she wanted rice. She wanted REAL food. She just said rice but of course, some viand as well. I asked her if she had anything to wear other than those that were already on her. She said none. So right there and then, I told her to wait, that I would be back. Under the pouring rain, I ran to the dorm with my umbrella shielding me,  pulled out a shirt and a pair of shorts from my closet, bought food and water, then ran back to her. 

The minute she saw me, she lightened up, then she immediately ate her food with gusto. Boy, was she hungry! It was really a sight to see. I gave her the clothes as well and prayed they would fit her…Then it hit me again. How could she shield herself from the rain? I asked her if she had any umbrella. You can very much guess why my dormmates were wondering about me going home with my clothes all wet.

But that is not the end of the story. Here’s the clincher. The next evening, I happened to alight on the corner of the new route and there she was again in her old place. It seemed she still had good eyesight as she recognized me immediately and smiled her shy smile so I waved. I then noticed the plastic bag I gave her before where I put the clothes. To my surprise, she handed it back to me along with the umbrella! I told her, no, they were hers already. Maybe she thought they were just lent to her. She said, no, she didn’t need them. So bewildered and a bit sad, I took them back and just gave her twenty pesos.

I got to talking to one of my dormmates and immediately, she realized who I was talking about. “Oh, that woman? She’s been there for years. She used to look a lot cleaner then and had nicer skin. She probably wasn’t that poor before. My guess is her family abandoned her.” That was it. I realized she could be right. I could now understand, at least what I thought I understood, the mystery behind her returning the things I gave. 

She didn’t want to beg but  her circumstances forced her to, thus the mumbling. Her hunger forced her to eat her pride and beg for food, but ONLY for food.  When she first declined, she couldn’t hear me right and thought I was offering a material thing. The stuff she returned, she couldn’t accept them. In her mind, she didn’t want charity. 

I think I know why: Even she had pride. That was the only thing she had left.


BTW, I decided not to do a #FreakyFriday thing to respect the Thanksgiving season. Hope you guys enjoyed the occasion. We don’t have that here, but I would like to thank all of my wonderful blogger friends here 🙂

Don’t Go Hatin’ on Blog Awards

I know that a lot of bloggers do not appreciate awards and I know why, and they have valid reasons not to accept. It does seem like a chain letter. A chain award, I guess. But I also do think that it can be very subjective. When I got my first award (Liebster Award), I knew it was given sincerely.


Thanks again, LANI!

It all depends on who gives it to you — is it someone you have great communication with or, at least, someone who visits you often (LIKEs, FOLLOWs or even just comments), OR is it someone who visited you just once or twice, just recently, maybe just gave one comment, if ever he did?

Make this quick mental checklist. Ask yourself:

(1) “Has this person visited and communicated with me enough?” (Because if not, what makes you so sure he’s read anything from and explored your blog to even declare he likes it enough to give you an award?)

(2) “Has this person exchanged views and ideas with me even if it’s just at his own blog?” (Because sometimes, people do probably visit your blog and just don’t say or do anything, but it doesn’t mean they don’t like what they see. So at least, give this person the benefit of the doubt)

(3) “What do I have in my blog that is good to like?” (You of all people should be the best judge of whether there is anything worth liking there, any quality posts you’ve done, any that people LIKE-d or commented most on)

If your answer for #1 and #2 is NO and if, with regards to #3, you are having a hard time convincing yourself that you have posted anything of quality, then do your Math and get a clue: No, he’s probably not really that into you (just to sort of borrow a quote). If anything, this is a good way and time to rethink your blogging goals. I’ve said it before that if you care about what you write, or blog for that matter, others may care about it as well.

That said, accepting the award is really up to you. You can choose not to participate, and any reason not to participate will be valid — no time to do the “rules”, not interested, etc. No one is twisting anyone’s arm. Just decline it politely. No, that is not a requirement, either, but that is called proper etiquette.


Thank you, JAFAR! I have accepted the award HERE


Thanks, CHRISTINE! Will get to this soon









I don’t mind awards. Of course, I will not be a hypocrite and deny that I hankered for at least one, just to feel that I was doing something right. But if I didn’t, I wasn’t going to sulk about it, either, and would just try to do better. I’ve gotten three so far, two of them I have yet to post. Because I know they were given sincerely, it makes me feel appreciated. So sorry if I don’t feel sorry that anyone reading this may think this award-giving thing is pathetic.

If your concern are the “rules,” you don’t need to follow everything. In my book, if you are given the award, you’ve already done your job right, so you certainly do not need to do anything more. It’s not even supposed to be called a nomination because no one’s going to win over all the others, and who’s gonna be the supreme judge of that anyway? It’s an award is an award is an award. The moment it is given to you, it is yours and you can do what you want with it. Some of us have actually ignored the supposed “rules” or tweaked them to our liking. The only one who can demand the award back is the giver and so far, I don’t think anyone has ever done it, but don’t quote me on that.

Personally, I’m doing them because I like answering questions and sharing myself. I was one of those kids perenially asking others to write on her slambook (guess what? I still have those old slambooks). In fact, I can still totally do that, but others have grown to be too “mature” to bother; I think they just lost the fun of being young.

If accepting an award brings in more readers/followers, too, why not? Isn’t that what blogging is about? Sharing. Some will say “I just write for myself.” Sure, I write for myself, too, because it makes me happy. Recently, Lily of Such Small Hands posted the question, “Should I write? Should I not write? What should I write? And why? And for whom?” My answer: “Write what you want in all honesty and fairness because you love it and you do it for your own happiness (if it makes others happy, that’s going to be your bonus).”

See what I did there at the end. Because let’s be honest. If you don’t want anyone reading your blog, then go to your settings and set it on Private so no one will ever get to read it but you. No one’s telling you not to do that. A blog is just a modernized diary and if you want to keep it locked, it’s all up to you. In fact, that should be a great way to keep awards away from you. But if you intentionally keep it public, no one’s going to believe you don’t care about having people read it. There’s a conflict of interest right there.

From where I stand, this is how I see it: Awards are ways to show others appreciate you. So I will give awards to those blogs that fit my idea of what the awards are all about. Even if their owners don’t want to participate. Because in the end, it’s all about my appreciation of them and how they inspire me to keep writing.



Do you agree, disagree or just agree to disagree with me? Comments are welcome, no matter which side you are on. This is a democratic virtual country. Well, except if you decide to be nasty because I intend to keep this blog war-free. 😉

Limited Internet connection!

Finally, I am able to log in. I’m on the bus taking advantage of the WiFi and using my not-so high-tech tablet. I’m supposed to log in to Facebook but for some reason, I can’t connect, so since my blog posts make it to my newsfeed anyway…

I’m just so mad at myself. To make the long story short, I tripped on the cable of my laptop’s charger and bam! My netbook fell at my feet. Hit my foot actually and scratched my lower right leg. That did it. The screen is not working! I can hear it start/restart (the sound it makes while showing me the page where I’m supposed to type in my password), but there’s nothing on the screen.

*sigh* I am so frustrated right now.

Super Freaky Pranks!

Last week, my Friday post was days earlier. And now, I’m late! Blame it on my connection. I tried. Anyway,…

It’s #FreakyFriday, folks! For this week, I thought I’d share some freakin’ scary prank videos. Now, these have made the rounds already and chances are, you’ve already seen them, anyway. Then again, I’m not really sure, am I?

Yipes!!!…Nice doggie….Please don’t eat me….

Here comes Chucky!!! (Scary and dangerous prank, really)

I’ll take the stairs, thank you very much!!!

I do need to give my opinion on these. While these may have caused the exact reactions the producers were aiming for. I have reservations about creating such pranks that, though genius and made just for laughs, may not be as harmless to the victims as we think.

We do not know everyone’s condition so I am especially concerned when pranks involve old people. We do not want any heart attacks. And what about the premises? Should you really scare and run after people who might flee in fright right smack speeding vehicles? And what about scarring a child by giving him such trauma for the rest of his life? I even remember news of a victim suing a popular show because she got the surprise of her life and she tripped–she was pregnant. Don’t know if anything happened to the baby but if it was okay, it didn’t make the prank excusable and the people behind it not liable.

What do you think?

A Garfield Throwback

While I try to actually have time to finish my draft on the recent Komikon, here’s one thing worthy of #ThrowbackThursday:



A letter from the creator himself

Here’s what the letter said…

Dear Jennifer,

Thank you for your wonderful letter. I’m delighted you enjoy GARFIELD and thank you for following his daily antics.

I’ve enclosed an autographed print that I hope you will enjoy.

GARFIELD and I will do our best to keep you entertained.




A specially printed paper with Jim Davis’ autograph on it

Okay, I know that celebrities–and that includes famous cartoonists like Jim Davis–often just hire people to do this kind of stuff for them. But I know the autograph is real. That’s because I found out how to send him a letter and if he would answer himself from a kid’s magazine. There was a sort of directory meant for parents giving the right addresses to write to for their kids and explaining who actually answered and how. For instance, any adult would know that the Sesame Street puppets and muppets weren’t real. So the magazine honestly said that a staff would “write back” to the kids as Big Bird or Elmo or whoever, being “in character.”

Well, I definitely wasn’t a kid anymore and wouldn’t want someone pretending to be GARFIELD writing to me. So I straight out told Jim in the letter my age and asked if it would be okay for him to send me an autograph either signed on a printed thing or even just simple paper. So he did! Such a cool guy! You can even examine the thing and you’ll know it’s not some signature already printed along with the Garfield and Odie image.

Anyhoo, that’s what I thought of posting today. Kind of timely as it’s Thursday, isn’t it?

Writers, Artists and Copyright

Very interestingly, an infographic on copyright law was published online by GMA News. I looked at it and have found it very useful and not at all that hard to understand, even though they mentioned about misunderstanding jargon if one has no background in law. Honestly, I didn’t see much jargon there at all. But if one is a bit at a loss, it won’t hurt to do a little research by making a Google search, for instance, or checking out online dictionaries and encyclopedia (I like using TheFreeDictionary.com a lot). Some of these stuff, we have discussed before (HERE and HERE).

While the infographic basically tackles copyright law for writers and artists in the Philippines, it can definitely be informative for non-Filipinos and non-Philippine dwellers. Besides, as mentioned in it, ours is based on the US Copyright Law and the US, as we know, is often the accepted basis of things worldwide. Some may contest, maybe, but I did say “often”, not “always”.

Check out this infographic and I hope you find it useful 🙂

Copyright Law for Writers and Artists


The Philippine Copyright Law for Writers and Artists, based on the US Copyright Law

What The Voices Said To Me

For some reason, I’ve been hit by the reblogging bug. This must be the week that I’ve reblogged more than once. Well, though I thought earlier that I already met my reblog quota, allow me to do this one last time for this week. I am re-sharing an actual anecdote that is both funny and insightful. Do yourself a favor and read on 🙂

Jesus loves you…so I don’t have to

This should be a shoo-in for my #FreakyFriday theme for the whole November, except it isn’t Friday yet. Well, the badge and the words aren’t mine, and sensitive people might just get offended so don’t say I/we didn’t warn you, but I think any sane people will agree with Oliver’s thoughts here (BTW, thanks for allowing the reblog, Oliver) . This is just so sad. And I think that regardless of whether these incidences were intentional or not, letting your little one die like that is…I dunno. You fill in the blanks ’cause I’m trying very hard not to say bad words…

Into The Woods We Go Again…

And because I am a musical freak, I am sharing Miss Alli’s post. I haven’t seen this one on stage so I was glad to find her post in my Reader. ENJOY!!!

Eclectic Alli

You have to, every now and then…

Into The Woods

Into the Woods Into the Woods (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By James Lapine and Stephen Sondheim

“Careful the tale you tell, that is the spell, children will listen…”

fairy-tale-blogathon-forbidden-fruit - CopyToday I’m participating in a Fairy Tale Blogathon, hosted by Movies Silently!  I highly encourage you to check out the  other posts, where bloggers are exploring movies (and shows) inspired by Fairy Tales.

Of course, I snatched up Into The Woods (and by snatched I mean I saw that no one had said they’d write about it and was downright gleeful).  I’ve written a bit already about Into The Woods (and have plans to go see it…perhaps on Christmas.)

Into The Woods is one of those shows that weaves together well known fairy-tales, with new twists.  Into The Woods also draws on other works.  In an interview in the Paris Review, Sondheim notes that, while…

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