Getting Physical

Oops! It (most probably) is not what you think. In fact, this is in line more with my blogging goal, which is to try to post fun and interesting stuff and try to veer away from posting too many angst-y stuff. Anyway,…

Our office has been doing 10- to 15-minute workout breaks again like last year, in the name of wellness and in relation to our recently concluded Biggest Loser competition (I didn’t win, sadly). We call this our 3 O’Clock Habit, which is an unoriginal term as we only borrowed it (Filipinos are familiar with it), as it’s scheduled at 3pm daily. More commonly, we just call it Hashas, a coined term in the office that is also sort of an inside joke, though it generally pertains to exercise or physical activity that involves exercise, like the after-office jog we just had hours ago before I posted this.

This is how it goes: everyone gets the chance to choose the workout video(s) for the day. We just assign a person based on the alphabetical order and s/he leads us for the day as well. It’s a really fun and funny group activity as we giggle and say ouch and everything. Extra funny when we forget to lock the door and a visitor rings the bell so suddenly everyone is doing something else other than what’s expected. Not so fun when an applicant is still there taking exams *sniff*. Sometimes we get easy workouts, sometimes we get the harder ones. There are stretches, yoga, footworks, kickboxing, zumba-anything…

So for the most recent turn of my friend, he decided to to get us dancing to, well, Just Dance! I enjoyed it very well, having played my very first Just Dance “public performance” at the mall the week before.

Anyway, I thought I’d share to you some stuff that won’t be that hard to follow. Some of these, I already experienced. I am also taking my friend’s cue that when it’s my turn, I’ll just need to get my ideas from here. *Shhh…*

These songs range from circa 1970s to recent, so hopefully you’ll find something you like. I have also arranged them from easiest to hopefully-not-so hard, based on my judgment. I am really just happy they have Just Dance on YouTube! I can at least dance to songs even at home 🙂

Well, here you go. Come on and Just Dance!!!! I know you want to…

Ever danced to a Just Dance entry? Share and let us know! Feel free to share below.