Lea, Kim and Miss Saigon


So pretty. This is one of the pics they use when she does shows and guest stints

I’ve never been one to request for a photo-op with an artist, regardless of whether I like him/her or not. I just content myself with looking then say, “Alright, I’ve seen you, and I can now put you in my Artist I Saw Personally list.” But you know what? I decided long ago that if it were Lea Salonga, I would break my rule and be more, let’s just say, “proactive.”

Did I? Break the rule, I mean? Yes, I did, back in 2008. For Miss Saigon‘s first-ever Kim, I did, gladly. Oh, but that story I will reserve for some other time.

Right now, I just would like to share to you my favorite artist and this video that was recently taken, from the 25th anniversary of the musical Miss Saigon. She is joined in a song here by fellow-Filipina Rachelle Ann Go who currently plays Gigi (also first played by Filipina Isay Alvarez) on West End. I’ve never been a Rachelle Ann fan but I think she did well here, fortunately.

If you are a play or musical enthusiast, this is for you! If you are not one, or not yet one, I hope you enjoy this as well  🙂

 More of it in the Philippine Star and Rappler


Well, this is embarrassing. The video is now set on private. Oh, well. The link stays until I find another one on YouTube.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed that…I mean if you were able to view it before. Feel free to share your thoughts below 🙂

3 thoughts on “Lea, Kim and Miss Saigon

  1. I wanted to thank you for turning me on to her. I went and did a search on Lea and learned about her. Amazing voice. I watched her audition video and I got chills!


    • Oh, I’m so happy I actually converted someone!!! 🙂 She’s a great artist. Normally, I don’t tell people I am a fan of this or that artist, but I proudly announce I am hers. Have watched some of her musicals and her 30th anniversary concert (she started young). Also got to meet her in person. I mean fans do get to meet her during signings, but I got to meet her in a different setting when she posed and was interviewed for our magazine before. She likes to communicate with her followers, in fact she replied to my Multiply PM’s before twice or thrice. There’s a bit of an anecdote that I am saving for next time I pose about her 😉

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