Fight for Her

If I haven’t been posting…Okay, not if. I really have not been posting. That’s ’cause I am not just busy with work, but have been busy trying to take my mind off a big problem that has presented itself two weeks ago, while actually also consulting someone who would know the answers. Six hours from now, though, I am about to face it.

I am still awake ’cause I’ve just finished my research and I am so glad I did. My research led me to loads of information that I will be able to use. Having these information will help me keep calm and not trembling in anger (as I tended to be lately whenever I discussed this). It’s good to know I have facts to back me up. The law to back me up even.

Oh, but don’t worry, I am not in trouble or anything. Let’s just say I am just fighting for my right. Most important, I am fighting for my mother. It’s about time I really do.

Okay, gotta sleep. Nighty!



14 thoughts on “Fight for Her

    • Not yet. There’s a chance it’s going to get worse, but they are not giving us a choice. We are talking about legal rights and in the eyes of the law, my sister and I have those. The other party knows that, too, but they are trying to get away with it, trying delaying tactics, trying to make us quit, trying to make us give in to their demands, which they don’t even have the right to do. It’s a messy situation but if we let them win, they’re just going to bully us forever. I’ve been very giving and nice, but they pushed me at the edge of my limits. If they think I’m a pushover, they better think again.


  1. I can understand your agony, we all go through it and but when we go through we are always alone to fight it out. Yes, therefore we need to say to ourselves that let the problem come from anywhere, the solution shall come from me, and I am the best person to face and fight it out…there is a simile after the miles of hardship…life looks more beautiful after we boldly face the problem and confidently resolve it… Cheers!!!


  2. Awww, I’m sorry it didn’t work out as well as you hoped. Looking forward to reading your side of the story though. And truly sorry you had to deal with any BS. Ug. Hopefully this is the start of something better, an improvement…Hugs from Thailand.


    • I so very much would like to share but the problem is currently unresolved so will have to wait if I will finally need to get a lawyer to put some people in their place, figuratively and lliterally…

      You know, there are people to whom you will offer your hand, but they’ll demand for your whole arm. It’s like you owe them something for helping them. This was what my mother had to deal with for 30 years and it’s about time that she gets her justice and for my sister and I to fight for what is rightfully hours.

      I am hoping this doesn’t get worse because it’s not us who will suffer but them. They did not appreciate what we did and failed to see that we were actually sort of giving them a better way out. They needed not say thank you, but what they did instead was to slap our offered hand and demand for the whole arm that they would like to use indefinitely, as long as they want. They twisted my words, lied to my face, and kept bringing up past issues involving my mother who has already gone and can’t anymore defend herself. THE NERVE! Blaming someone who helped them for many years, whom they used for many years, who they hurt time and again for many years. Now they have the nerve to make us look like bullies and them, the victims, talking ill of us. Fortunately, other people know it is us who are in the right and they actually wonder what is keeping the said “victims” from accepting our generous offer.

      Don’t worry. we know we are going to win. I just want this over and done with and, believe it or not, I actually worry that if they let this drag till we reach court, the allowance we offered might actually be shortened by the court, not by us. I’m not sure if they’re seeing the big picture at all…


    • Thanks!…Well, it did not exactly turn out well but I stood my ground. I will have to do more of that in the coming weeks, next Saturday in particular. I tried to be nice, but sometimes, you have to throw nice out the window…

      Thanks again 🙂


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