Fight for Her

If I haven’t been posting…Okay, not if. I really have not been posting. That’s ’cause I am not just busy with work, but have been busy trying to take my mind off a big problem that has presented itself two weeks ago, while actually also consulting someone who would know the answers. Six hours from now, though, I am about to face it.

I am still awake ’cause I’ve just finished my research and I am so glad I did. My research led me to loads of information that I will be able to use. Having these information will help me keep calm and not trembling in anger (as I tended to be lately whenever I discussed this). It’s good to know I have facts to back me up. The law to back me up even.

Oh, but don’t worry, I am not in trouble or anything. Let’s just say I am just fighting for my right. Most important, I am fighting for my mother. It’s about time I really do.

Okay, gotta sleep. Nighty!