I am Jennifer Federizo, __________ of *MS (not real name or initials). In behalf of her who is not able to log in regularly online, I would like to thank you for the response.

That said, in behalf of her as well, I would like to know an exact date when her redundancy pay will be released. In fact, it should NOT be later than September 1, 2014. She waited long enough. She doesn’t have to BEG for it.

Based on the response, there is no clear date, just another promise. Please, we do not need to keep hearing about third-parties or (name of bank). She worked for your organization, therefore, it is your organization’s duty to make sure she gets what is rightfully hers that has been denied her for SIX MONTHS. We don’t want to hear about some third party you won’t even let us contact or (name of bank) because they should not even have a say about whether she gets her money now or not.

Had this been handled well, you would have known what was wrong immediately. She was denied a chance to properly look for a source of livelihood because, as you said, somebody forgot to sign or somebody forgot to remind somebody else to sign for whatever invalid reason. MS has experienced emotional and mental trauma, even physical, because the more you deny her her money, the more you deny her a chance to seek proper medication. Even her loved ones have been affected by this, and I don’t think I even need to expound on that.

We do not seek for compensation for lost opportunities. But we do need a direct answer regarding this matter, an EXACT DATE, and an actual ACTION that should end in her receiving her pay, in full, no delays.

Apologies for my words, but I think you should understand. You are a people’s organization, after all. So someone who worked for you for almost 15 years should get what she worked for and what she has been promised. I, myself, am tired of hearing all the promises and excuses. This reply is my own initiative so do not take it out against her. Last time I checked, she is well within her rights to complain under labor laws. And it is my right to stand behind and fight for her.

We will await your immediate response. Thank you.