The world is in turmoil. So I thought I’d post this peaceful poem to counter the  storm inside. Forgot what year it was that I wrote this, though…Hope you like it 🙂


Cumulus clouds

over a sea

of coconut trees

waving goodbye…

as I travel through

this seeming maze

of endless roads

and kaleidoscope thoughts;

as friends hold on

to snapshots of today,

of golden memories

and happy laughter.

We wallow in

our moment of existence,

in this sweet, precious moment,

and we bear witness

to the sun

leaving orange southern skies.

Copyright © J.Gi Federizo

11 thoughts on ““PILGRIMS”

    • Well, I wrote that years ago when worked for a tertiary school. It was March and the administration staff had an outing. We were on the bus going home and I was happy and looking outside and the feelings and the scenery got to me 😉

      As to why I posted it, let’s just say I needed to calm down the storm inside me so rather than post angsty stuff (got lots of that), I just wanted to find the peace…

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