Tips in Choosing Unique Gifts for Special Occasions

Looking for the perfect gift to give a friend or a loved one? Let guest blogger Janet Adams give you a few practical tips.  🙂


Tips in Choosing Unique Gifts for Special Occasions

Gift is the word that strikes our mind when we think of any occasion. If you are invited for any special occasion, choosing a gift really becomes a mind-numbing work. You contemplate for some time on it. While musing, your mind runs through various kinds of gifts. But then you need to choose the best, unique gift that suits the occasion. Your selection of gift should be in such a way that it scintillates the eyes of the receiver.

How to select a unique gift for any special occasion?

For Birthdays

Birthday bashes occur so often around the world. Children love to celebrate their birthdays and they wait for their special days to receive a number of gifts. So it will be apt to give gifts according to the age of the child. Some soft toys or animated toys, stuffed animals, crayons, or markers will be suitable. Or may be some dresses like frocks, shirts and jeans. There are some children who love to read books. So then a book by their favorite author must be apt gift.

In case of a teenager’s birthday, if it’s a guy, then you can gift him T shirts, and if it’s a girl, may be some jewel accessories. Perfume is also another option that can be gifted to both guys and girls. For a best friend, you can gift a photo frame, a personal favorite book, a watch, bags and accessories ,a set of his favorite musical band CD’s etc.

For the birthday of a mother, you can give her ornaments, or outfits, books if she loves to read, a vanity bag etc. While for a father, you can buy watch, wallets, a pair of shirts and denims etc. And with the case of siblings, may be a movie ticket or any type of gadgets would make their gift better.

For Weddings and Anniversaries

Weddings and Anniversaries are auspicious and special occasions. So choosing the right kind of gift is always important. Wedding gifts should reflect the interest and requisites of both the bride and the groom. The gift that you buy should be an asset for them. Household presents, kitchen ware and appliances, a bigger photo frame for a picture of the bride and the groom, a pair of rings, a pair of branded watches, flower vase etc. Your gift depends on how well you know the couple. If you are a really close best friend, then you could go for costly gifts, but at the same time, if you are just a casual friend, select some normal stuff that project a classy, rich look.

Moving on to anniversaries, choosing the best anniversary gift isn’t much difficult. In choosing a gift for your spouse, a piece of jewelry, a mug emblazoned with a picture of you both, any event or vacation tickets, a surprise romantic candle light dinner, etc., will be perfect. While if you are gifting a couple, you can give them a heart-shaped keychain engraved with the duo’s names, gallery frame set, an antique piece of rich look etc. If it’s your parent’s anniversary, you can gift them bouquets of flowers or a piece of poem written by you.

The “Days”

So we are living in a generation where we have some specific special days such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day etc. A mother always puts her happiness away for you and family. So to your mom, give the best gift she’ll ever get. In fact whatever you give is a gift to your mom. Take her out for shopping and buy her what she wants. Buy ornaments, bags or outfits, books, etc., according to her wish. It’s her day, so leave all selections to her. On Father’s Day, you can give him a pair of branded shoes, wallets, blazer, etc. For Valentines’ Day, you are left to choose anything that your love or lover likes. You will surely get a hint of what your beloved likes through leisurely chit-chats.


Presenting a gift brings excitement and exhilaration to the one who receives it. So choose the best gifts according to the individual’s taste and add more happiness to their special day.


Author Bio:

Janet Adams has chosen a career in writing to serve in an organization, English-literature writing service that helps students in building a successful career in academics. She has a Masters Degree in Business Studies from a reputable university and has a good experience in writing business papers as well.

Blogging vs. Writing

Not all bloggers are writers. Some can’t write, some don’t want to, some do other things with their blogs. Not all writers are bloggers. Some don’t have the time or means, some choose not to blog, some want privacy. Not all writer-bloggers write professionally. Many just want to write and share…

I mention this because two bloggers posted about being bloggers and being writers recently. I thought I’d reblog one of those as it’s perfect to add to my Wordsmithereens page…

What are your thoughts on this? Here were my comments that I posted at his page:

“I think everyone has the right to blog, writer or not. A blog is a modernized diary – no one told others before that they couldn’t write in a diary (except maybe the bullies and hecklers, but that’s different). What it all comes down to is whether people will like what he’s blogged about and how he’s written it. It’s totally up to the reader/visitor to stay, and totally up to the blogger to improve. I admit to having seen blogs I didn’t like, but I always say that’s their right to blog as long as they don’t hurt anyone else, plus I can always leave. If it is supposed to be a professional blog where the blogger earns from writing, of course, I would like to see a well-written piece.

Who made writers gods of the blogging world? I don’t even know why the issue should be an issue and be debated on. Besides, not all bloggers write. We can all benefit from blogging, writer or not, and it is up to us to make it happen. Personally, I think the best thing to do is to just have fun writing and have pride in doing it. That’s where quality really comes in. If you care about what you write, others may care about it as well.”


I am Jennifer Federizo, __________ of *MS (not real name or initials). In behalf of her who is not able to log in regularly online, I would like to thank you for the response.

That said, in behalf of her as well, I would like to know an exact date when her redundancy pay will be released. In fact, it should NOT be later than September 1, 2014. She waited long enough. She doesn’t have to BEG for it.

Based on the response, there is no clear date, just another promise. Please, we do not need to keep hearing about third-parties or (name of bank). She worked for your organization, therefore, it is your organization’s duty to make sure she gets what is rightfully hers that has been denied her for SIX MONTHS. We don’t want to hear about some third party you won’t even let us contact or (name of bank) because they should not even have a say about whether she gets her money now or not.

Had this been handled well, you would have known what was wrong immediately. She was denied a chance to properly look for a source of livelihood because, as you said, somebody forgot to sign or somebody forgot to remind somebody else to sign for whatever invalid reason. MS has experienced emotional and mental trauma, even physical, because the more you deny her her money, the more you deny her a chance to seek proper medication. Even her loved ones have been affected by this, and I don’t think I even need to expound on that.

We do not seek for compensation for lost opportunities. But we do need a direct answer regarding this matter, an EXACT DATE, and an actual ACTION that should end in her receiving her pay, in full, no delays.

Apologies for my words, but I think you should understand. You are a people’s organization, after all. So someone who worked for you for almost 15 years should get what she worked for and what she has been promised. I, myself, am tired of hearing all the promises and excuses. This reply is my own initiative so do not take it out against her. Last time I checked, she is well within her rights to complain under labor laws. And it is my right to stand behind and fight for her.

We will await your immediate response. Thank you.



The world is in turmoil. So I thought I’d post this peaceful poem to counter the  storm inside. Forgot what year it was that I wrote this, though…Hope you like it 🙂


Cumulus clouds

over a sea

of coconut trees

waving goodbye…

as I travel through

this seeming maze

of endless roads

and kaleidoscope thoughts;

as friends hold on

to snapshots of today,

of golden memories

and happy laughter.

We wallow in

our moment of existence,

in this sweet, precious moment,

and we bear witness

to the sun

leaving orange southern skies.

Copyright © J.Gi Federizo

Do You Get the Picture?


Yes, you can’t read this so click on the image to get a better view. It is from the article Can I Use that Picture? by Curtis Newbold of TheVisualCommunicationGuy

I found the colorful infographic that you see above last week, and chances are you’ve probably encountered it already, too. It tackles image copyrights  and I had been meaning to share it here. Somehow, though, I could not get myself to post immediately because questions were brewing in my head.

Basically, the intention was to give us a guide on how to legally use images we find or even how to avoid others that are strictly copyrighted. It’s nice to look at, though a bit overwhelming and can somehow confuse, which I’m not surprised about as creator Curtis Newbold lumped lots of info on it. Nevertheless, it still makes things concise and easier to understand.

At least, I thought so at first.

Many commenters do/did not think so. Reader Thomas MacEntee of, in fact, voiced out what was on my mind regarding what’s still considered copyrighted and what’s considered under public domain when the original owner has already passed away, something that I, myself, have read about years ago. Well, in the US, there is a law that addresses the question How Long Does Copyright Protection Last? I would like to think and hope all countries have the same or similar law, to be honest. I haven’t gone on doing research on this even here where I am just yet.


A guide on copyright lifespan in the US. Cool, eh? Don’t worry, sharing this for non-commercial purposes is allowed, as indicated by the little license seal at the bottom-left corner. Click on the image to visit the site and find out for yourself whether what you have is still copyrighted


Below are my own issues about the first infographic.

Question Posed:Did you take or create the image yourself?”

Following the NO answer thread, let’s jump to the question regarding transforming another person’s original work and the author says yes, it’s usually okay, as long as it’s not recognizable…Uh, NO. That is never okay. Regardless of what changes you’ve made, you cannot take complete credit for something you did not completely create. It is a standard operating procedure, so to speak, to ask permission from the owner first before publishing an edited version of his work, before doing something on his art even. It’s not recognizable anyway? Then who are you fooling, yourself? If you are really talented, you can create your masterpiece all on your own. Take pride!

With regards to parodies, though,  I am admittedly at a loss. To be strict about it, using without permission should be disallowed. But I can’t see much point of a parody if every time it is done, we ask permission to poke fun at someone’s work, the owner, or the subject of the image. A lot of times, as well, owners allow this because it actually boosts site traffic and product sales or popularity. That’s like marketing with the least amount of work and expenses!

Are you publishing an image for the benefit of mankind, though? The POSSIBLY answer is off-base, in my opinion. The fact remains that somebody created it, ergo, somebody owns/owned it. Find out who owns it and ask permission. If that is impossible and unless you are sure it now belongs to the public (public domain),  or will be used while strictly following the Fair Use principle (do keep in mind that other countries may or may not have any, the same or similar doctrines), or is protected under Creative Commons (do check under which agreement ’cause they vary),  DON’T USE IT, PERIOD.

If you’re using it for educational purposes, publishing it in print (for distribution) or online without so much as giving credit to the owner or a link-bank to the original source, as the case maybe, is not a good and ethical practice. Either cite your sources or redirect readers via hyperlinks and especially image URLs.


Symbol for Copyrighted materials


Symbol for materials allowed for Fair Use


The Creative Commons logo. There are various licenses under this


Question Posed:Was the picture you created an original idea?”

For the NO answer, Newbold mentioned that if the picture/image is similar to others’ that it might be considered as theirs, you cannot really use it except for personal use. I would disagree to an extent, that is, if he meant that one was not fully aware when he was creating the image. Could be I am over-thinking it.

First off, if your initial intention was not to copy and you probably weren’t even aware of their own piece, I think it’s just fair that you use it because technically, it’s your own idea. The issue that may have to be resolved is whether you copied or not, but if you can PROVE that you didn’t, then go ahead. For all you know, you created your piece first before they did. Which is why you have to make sure that you copyright your stuff immediately before it reaches the public eye.

For the NOT SURE answer, it was suggested that you do your own research to see if you’ve copied from others. I think that’s hilarious and bordering on paranoia. If you copied, then you would know. Now, if you’re getting an inkling that it might be something that you saw somewhere that got stuck in your head, only then do I recommend a research. Again, that is not copying if the awareness and intention are not there.

I mean, let’s say you were on the beach and saw a great opportunity to shoot a silhouette of a coconut tree against a wonderful backdrop of red sky and the sun setting over the ocean. Then you post it on your blog, unaware that some other beach-goer thought of the same thing at the same place though maybe on some other day. Would that be considered copying? No. And I doubt it would have turned out exactly the same, down to the minutest detail. The opposite holds true, though, if it is some intricate or complicated design or image specifically created for a brand, for instance, and you happen to create a very similar one, which even I would feel like questioning. If you can’t prove you were first with the idea, drop it; you’ll just lose the battle.

copyrights-warningNo one has complete monopoly over an idea. And really, if you’re a prolific artist, it’s crazy to keep looking for similar images that may not have been created yet anyway. That’s one inspiration-killer. Then again, that’s probably just me and my opinion. The thing is, although foresight would be a great weapon against getting yourself into trouble, it all boils down to intention.

Two comments in the Newbold post reminded me of the importance of subject rights and related rights. But these and the issue of Fair Use, plus the legalities concerning the use of social media, all deserve separate and more thorough discussions.

Going back to the infographic, though, I do think it’s a wonderful idea and could be a great tool, if only everything is presented crystal clear. I guess it could have been better presented if segmented in parts. At least, parts that were not clear to the author himself could be temporarily left out. There would be less risk of readers misunderstanding and getting misinformed.


Any thoughts that you can share about the topic? Let us know and share your knowledge and opinions below!

Amazing transformation of dark alley off Main by Eyoalha Baker. Jump for Joy Project inspires all. By h18creative

This is a great initiative. Maybe you’d like to be a part of it in the future. Kudos to Eyoälha Baker 🙂

Komikon for Dummies

komikon-official-event-cover-photo Last Saturday, August 2, was 2014’s Indieket Day or the Independent Komiks Market event of the local Komikon, the Philippines’ own comics convention. Indieket is the second of three bigger Komikon events held annually, the other two being the Summer Komikon (keyword: summer) and the regular one usually held November or December (my friend Sherwin The Kraken tries to call it the Winter Komikon, nevermind that we have no winter). Other often smaller but equally special conventions happen in provinces once in a while, too, like in Cebu, Baguio and, recently, Iloilo.

I’ve been attending these three Komikons a few years now and *BIG SIGH* last Saturday, I was absent. For the first time since I began patronizing the once-again blooming comics industry, I missed an event. *MORE SIGHS* For more personal reasons that can actually be elaborated some other time, I stayed home instead and got busy.

Well, comics-related events have been around for quite a while before I discovered one, but I do believe I can say that I am now credible enough to share what I know. So since I have not been sharing my experiences in the more recent events, I thought I’d come up with this post. If you’re a Komikon dummy like I was, read on. This can help you on your first–or your next–Komikon experience.

The Dos-and-Don’ts Guide for Komikon Dummies

To the uninitiated, lemme explain. The occasion is for comics artists to showcase their works and for enthusiasts to take advantage of this. Rarely do you encounter dozens of artists and creators crammed in one place, so good for you. Here, you will find both newbie creators and more seasoned ones — take your pick. Okay, let’s start…

The Bayanihan Center facade. Credits belong to

1. KNOW the venue. Sounds duh, but it’s great advice coming from experience. Around two years ago, my officemates and I were to attend a Gaming, Toys, Manga/Anime and Cosplay Convention or GTMACCON (this is not Komikon, but just to drive a point…). We were a big enough bunch who came from Makati and went somewhere in UP Diliman to attend. We waited on university grounds until it was way beyond schedule and it seemed the place wasn’t even going to open. Finally, I texted comics guy Andoyman, asking where the exact venue was as someone got stuck with the wrong info that got disseminated to us.

Lo and behold! We were not even close! To add insult to injury, the venue was just in Makati, WHERE WE CAME FROM…Wow, mali (wrong). GTMACCON: Go To MAling Comics CONvention. The usual venue for the Komikon, by the way, is the Bayanihan Center located at the Unilab Compound in Pasig. 

2. Come early. It’s not like you’re going to be thrown out of the event or anything if you come in the afternoon. But it has been observed that the Summer Komikon and the “Winter” one tend to draw a big crowd. You’ll want to be one of the first to see the various merchandise, talk to the artists and ask for autographs and/or photographs. If you’re lucky, some artists give away their own simple freebies like little snacks, stickers, etcetera, as a form of appreciation. Better be there before supplies end.

It’s one, big geeky event, can’t you tell? This is the main hall where Komikon is always held, but you can imagine how it must have looked like at the entrance.

The organizers do give away freebies also right at the event entrance (not the building entrance, but where you are allowed entry after paying P100 for your ticket). Don’t expect too much, though. This is not Oprah or Ellen. Sometimes, sponsors put up booths/tables like 711 that once gave away free Slurpee and commemorative Lord of the Rings tumblers.


There’s Tico Limosinero’s boy robot Neox together with Elbert Or‘s Chuck the Bakemono High werecub (extreme right), Ikos Komiks’ Ronzkie Pacho-Vidal‘s Asul from her work Sulsi at 6 o’clock and Michael David’s own ‘kikiam’ renditions of Chuck and Asul

Oh, and at times, they give away catalogs with lots of free space on them where you can ask artists to draw something for you for free (do buy something first, please!). You can do that throughout the day, but being early means you’ll have more time to approach more artists for it, plus they won’t be too tired already to draw anything. 

3. Don’t be a snob. If you look down on local comics based on them being, well, local, this is not the event for you. Either you beat it, pal, or give local comics a chance. There are ways, though, to get your fix of foreign ones by visiting booths of edition sellers like Comic Odyssey that has somehow become a sort of fixture, so to speak, in Komikon events because I see them there every time.

Meanwhile, we know you most probably know the creators of Kiko Machine, Pugad Baboy, Kubori Kikiam and the likes. These guys get the longest lines of people wanting to buy their products for some great photo-ops and autograph-signing with their idols. BUT the Komikon is mainly one giant showcase of newer talents. It won’t hurt to get to know them and their works. It’s actually fun to be “there” when a comic book is just starting and to gradually see it grow, so to speak.

By the way, while the Indieket gives much more chance for new creators by giving them the spotlight, on other Komikons, they are provided a separate area called the Indie Tiangge. It’s a sort of rite of passage before they are finally allowed to make it big…Er, well, before they are allowed to take space in the main activity area, that is. Some not-so-new ones are there as well simply because they are new participants of the event.  There are various factors considered but I’m not an authority on that, ergo, I leave it to you to interview anyone there. Make sure, though, to pay the Tiangge a visit. Not because they’re there, they are not worth a look. That’s not how it works. You’ll never know what treasure lies undiscovered in that room.


I encountered the Espiritista, its first-ever of the series by Niño Balita, at the Summer Komikon 2013 Indie Tiangge and I have been happily following his creation…Congrats to him and the Mrs. Espiritista–I mean–Mrs. Irene Balita, by the way!!!  They just exchanged I-Dos a few months ago 🙂


I also first found Drop Dead Dangerous at the Indie Tiangge and I have been hooked ever since. Story by Chad Cabrera, art by Mike Banting

4. Have ka-ching, will buy. Sure, no one will send you away for “window shopping”. But the point of being there is to purchase, at the least, one or two comics. You don’t have to have a lot of moolah, believe me, I know. It’s one big decision-making exercise. A limited budget can still buy you more or less a dozen titles. A lot of them are priced from as low as P30, even P20. That’s already a steal, considering it’s art and the labor of one’s love. Of course, for such a price, do not expect a thick, glossy, full-colored edition. Generally, you’ll get photocopied versions, or limitedly colored ones, at least. But if you’re any good at choosing your comics, you can get clear, respectable-looking ones. Inexpensive doesn’t necessarily have to mean cheap.


Andoyman’s Ang Sumpa is one of those inexpensive comics that do not disappoint visually. And, no, I am not just saying that because I know him nor does it have to do with me being somehow a part of it. Shameless plug, though: DO GET YOUR COPIES!!!


Finally got to buy from the artist who likes to be simply called Macoy my own copies of School Run! He’s got various titles for you to choose from and the prices do vary based on thickness. The illustrations are fun and I like his storytelling


The Ikos Komiks table is one stop I never forget to do. They are a group of three artists with different styles in drawing and storytelling. In this pic are the aforementioned Ronzkie Pacho-Vidal (left) and Anino Karimlan (right). In-between is (the missing) Ray Vidal‘s Lola Lourdes whose stories and poems I get to read every time as they give away copies of her own brand of art — Thanks po for the autograph!!!


This one from Freely Abrigo, his Kulas, could be bought at just P30 with a fully-colored, little glossy cover

Also, I have stumbled upon inexpensive comics that have much better stories and illustrations than some pricier, glossier ones. It’s not just about getting your money’s worth when obviously, you can get much more satisfaction with still the least possible expense. If you do have more money to spare, then by all means, go for more gold! Maybe you’d like to purchase other comics-inspired merchandise, too, such as posters, stickers, plushies, beanie hats, keychains…You can even have works commissioned.

5.  Choose wisely. It’s another decision-making exercise. If you don’t know the artist/creator in front of you and can’t tell by just looking that you’d like to purchase, browse through a copy. If the premise does not interest you whatsoever, or the storytelling is bad, or the supposed humor is lacking, or the drawings either leave much to be desired or are totally horrendous (that totally happens), put the copy down and walk away.


Sherwin The Kraken (the guy in middle) has really gotten to be a FUM fan so he never misses to visit their table. These are your FUM peeps, folks! He’s got all their comic mag editions, I think, not much encouraging needed

Try not to engage or be pulled to engage in a conversation with the artist unless you sincerely would really like to learn more about the comic book. Just saying, because that would be the more humane thing to do than to put his hopes up and have him waste time and energy trying to convince you when you’re not even buying.

On a more positive note, it’s a win-win situation, whether you buy or not. If you don’t, you don’t end up with something you don’t want. If you do, at least you’ve helped someone and maybe given him the inspiration to do better next time. 

6. Pay more attention. Enthusiasts are expected to walk around the area sizing up comics and getting to know the people behind the comics. By all means, do that. But you might also want to pay attention to the stage and what they announce over the microphone once in a while. Why? The organizers have prepared more stuff and surprises for you: Contests. Interviews with well-known international Pinoy artists like Whilce Portacio of X-Men fame. Featured guests, like those from the Macoy comics-based indie film ANG MASKOT. Even surprise wedding proposals!!! Also, talks and film showings are sometimes held in other rooms.


International Guests!!!



I also say pay attention because being a much-attended event, it has gotten the attention of bad elements as well and there have been unfortunate cases of loss of valuables. Take care of your things and, as signs always say, “Please do not leave your valuables unattended.” 

7. Don’t expect a food fair. Don’t go around complaining where the food stalls are–it’s not a food fair. There is a designated area for a limited bunch of food to buy, so find out where it is. There may be a hotdog-eating game happening onstage so if you’re also up to it, why not??? (hint: it normally happens pre-lunch period). Some participants actually give away little snacks so it pays to be early before they run out. Some do get to sell munchies at stalls outside the main Komikon area. However, if you really want fuller meals, just have your wrist stamped for re-entry later and get out of the venue. There are fast-food and regular restos around.


Once in a while, there are little snacks you can get your hands on. For a price, though. But, boy, do they look yummy….(DISCLAIMER: I’m not endorsing anything)

8. Expect cosplayers. Encounters with comic characters in the flesh are quite possible so get your cameras ready. The Komikon is often attended by cosplayers who are either there for fun or are representing artists’ creations, like the famous Amber from Ambush and Dennis and his pal from Alphario: The World Connection. Do not expect many of them, though. It’s not a cosplay event after all.    


Creator SPLGum as Dennis Blake (sitting) and friend Wilhansen Li as the character Senjo Tamura. Photo credits to SPLGum and whoever took this pic

9. Join contests. It can be as simple as the aforementioned eating contest, or raffles the organizers or artists themselves are holding, or a meet-and-greet with well-known international artists, or an actual video game at someone’s booth. Whatever the organizers and its participants’ clever minds can think of! My Komikon buddy Sherwin actually joined a create-your-character thing sponsored by Filbar’s. His and the other competitors’ works were simply amazing!

10. ENJOY!!! Totally self-explanatory, right? I just saved the best for last 🙂

Well, I hope I’ve given you ideas, you Komikon newbies. There could be lots more I have not covered, but I’ll let you discover those for yourselves. That’s part of enjoying the whole Komikon experience. Meanwhile, here are some more random but nice pics I haven’t shared before. Forgive the layout, I am editing it (there are still stuff that I don’t understand in WordPress…), and will add links soon.


Very cool Planeswalker cards that were actually just giveaways. I got Ajani, Chandra, Jace, Liliana, and Tezzeret. You can’t really play them (like I’d even know how), but they’re nice souvenirs and the art is whoah!!! Digital art by Allen Geneta


Cute Manosaur cartoon by Elbert Or on my catalog


Just had to post ’cause I really like this shot. Photo credits to SPLGum and whoever took this pic


Sherwin’s winning pose for Alphario’s Pose with Spot contest (well, I forgot the name of the contest, too, hee…)


I won for the most number of Facebook Likes category mainly because I begged and forced people–I mean, I looked so convincing…uhm, yeah…


I wasn’t EVER going to buy posters as my main goal was to buy comics, but when I saw this at Allen Geneta’s table, I knew I just HAD to have a copy. Recognize these ninjutsu-trained amphibians? Click HERE for a closer look


First time to wear one of those beanie hats at an event. My Komikon buddy was right, it was liberating, he he…That was the nearest to cosplaying in public that I could get, if that’s even cosplaying. But hey, notice my colors? 😉




So cuuuuteee!!!!


The new Gerry Alanguilan book…I honestly have not bought a copy yet and have not read any part of it. I hope it’s just as good as his Elmer and Wasted


The Sulsi main characters. Got my complete set already, woohoo!!!


“Yes, I’m shameless. So sue me.”

mb pose4               See you next Komikon…I PROMISE!!!!!


Thanks so much just for dropping by and I hope you got even the tiniest bit of new info. For more Komikon-related posts, please go to COMICS TRIPS.

Oh, My Chinito!!!

Currently working on a post that I should call *SPOILER AHEAD!!!*… Komikon for Dummies. I just need to complete the list and then I’m done.

Meanwhile, I have had this as draft for a while now. Wanted to share to Scottishmomus especially. I gave her wrong info, though. I realized this song was NOT written by Yeng Constantino, unlike Hawak-Kamay. It was an entry to a songwriting contest, composed by Jed Dumawal but performed and recorded by Yeng. Nevertheless, I’m sharing this song that Yeng recorded.

It’s been playing on the air for quite sometime now and even became a movie theme song, but it’s still new-ish. Yes, it’s teeny-boppy, but I like it, anyway (and that should tell you my state of mind ha ha haaa!!!). It’s a story of a girl who has been crushing on a guy. He doesn’t notice her at first, then the story progresses. The vid is so simple but really cute, and it doesn’t hurt that the guy in the vid, award-winning actor/model/performer and athletic swimmer Enchong Dee, has such tantalizing chinito eyes, ergo, the title Chinito.

Check out the first vid because it’s a clear copy, the lyrics below. But because it’s in Filipino, you can also try the next copy because someone already did a translation that I think is very near to what I would have written if I had time to translate. Last is a preview of the movie I mentioned. It’s a silly movie and I don’t particularly like it, but it does have its funny moments.

Like it or hate it, it’s your choice. I really just enjoy it so I hope you do, too 🙂


Napapansin mo ba
Kaya ang tulad ko
Kahit nasa sulok lang ng iyong mga mata
Mahuli mo kaya ang pagsulyap sa’yo
Kahit hindi naman ako ang iyong kaharap
Oh chinito
Balang araw ay, malalaman mo rin

At kung ikaw ay nakatawa
Ako pa ba ay nakikita
Nalilimutan ko ang itsura ko
Kapag kausap na ikaw
Sana naman ako’y pakinggan
At nang ikaw ay malinawan
Dahil nabihag mo ang aking paningin at damdamin
Oh! Chinito… Chinito…

Kung hindi inaantok
Kung hindi nasisilaw
Pwede bang malaman ko
May pag-asa pa kayang matanaw
Bakit ba ang pungay ng bintana ng iyong mundo
Isang ngiti mo lang sakin
Ay baon ko hanggang sa pag-uwi
Oh chinito
Balang araw ay malalaman mo rin

At kung ikaw ay nakatawa
Ako pa ba ay nakikita
Nalilimutan ko ang itsura ko
Kapag kausap na ikaw
Sana naman ako’y pakinggan
At nang ikaw ay malinawan
Dahil nabihag mo ang aking paningin at damdamin
Oh! Chinito… Chinito…

Sana naman ako’y pakinggan
At nang ikaw ay malinawan
Dahil nabihag mo ang aking paningin at damdamin
Ah sige tawa lang nang tawa
Ako pa ba ay nakikita
Nalilimutan ko ang itsura ko
Kapag kausap na ikaw
Sana naman ako’y pakinggan
At nang ikaw ay malinawan
Dahil nabihag mo ang aking paningin at damdamin
Oh! Chinito… Chinito…

And now, the song once again, this time with subtitles.

The movie Bride for Rent starring Kim Chiu and Xian Lim who are chinita and chinito themselves, being both Chinoys (Filipino-Chinese).

One of these days, I’m going to collate and list down Filipino flicks that I think would be worth watching (they’ll have subtitles, of course, if ever you get to watch it).


Any fun vids you’d like to share? Don’t be shy and share to us. We’re not here to judge (read: so please don’t judge me, he he *gulp*).

For comments, suggestions, and non-violent reactions, well, you know what to do 😉

Why I Won’t Be Famous (But Here’s the Authority Black Book, Anyway)

Why I’ll most probably be never a famous blogger, it’s because I don’t do all the best practices there are. That’s because I’m not in it to earn anything.

I mean, earning would not be bad per se, and if anything of what I do as a blogger gets any kind of compensation, thank you oh-so-much! I will not be a hypocrite and say a no-thank-you (unless something of an unscrupulous nature is asked of me, although I can’t think of any at the moment…). But I’m not doing this for business. I’m just…writing.

I want to write. I want to share. I want to share what others share. I want to have fun writing. Sometimes…Okay, a lot of times, I have trouble finding time for it, but I think about it everyday. That is the reality I live in and I’m okay with it. I can’t be selfish. Not that I’m saying other writers are, but I’m just saying that in my personal world, it can’t be just all about writing and to Hades with all other people. It’s not always about me. It does not have to be.

So if it seems that I’m not practicing every tip I have shared for bloggers, don’t hate me for it. It’s just that I don’t mind it that much and I choose not to worry. I’m a serious blogger. Just not your idea of a serious blogger.

Why am I saying these, though? Nothing serious, too. Just reflecting because I am actually going to share a free e-book meant for bloggers. I have read it, it’s simple. concise, easy-to-read (won’t take an hour to finish), and would most probably be more helpful to more “SERIOUS” bloggers out there unlike myself. “FACT: More than 80 million blogs are inactive.” Surprised?

Sharing this doesn’t cost me anything because it also got shared to me and all it takes is to go to the link below (the title), give your email there, click on the button, and voila! Your PDF copy of’s

Authority Black Book 

is ready! (see what I did there? I colored the letters in red instead of bla…never mind…he he)


On Social Media Background Checks

I’ve been reading a lot about background checks lately (don’t ask why). I just realized that in some of the guest blogs I’ve done about writing and blogging, I’ve mentioned and warned about careless use of social media and how it may affect potential clients/employers. Come to think of it, it generally can affect most of us and our credibility.


What skeletons have you been hiding in your closet?

You never know who’s really looking at information and images you share publicly. Lately, while social media has helped personalities boost their reputation and following, some have actually ruined theirs by being absolutely careless, if not clueless. Others have lost jobs or opportunities this way. Meanwhile, you just never know anymore when your picture is ever going to end up as a meme, which can be fun at times, but as we all know, they can also be often downright insulting, and it’s suddenly for all the world to see, laugh at and make fun of.

But going back to jobs and opportunities (at what, that depends on the situation), it is now a reality that employers — and clients — may perform background checks to see what employing you can possibly bring to their company, especially what can possibly jeopardize their credibility and reputation due to hiring you. It’s all for prevention, you see, and very understandable.

Their HR people may do these themselves or they will hire other companies that will do legitimate background checks for them. The thing is, employee screening has now gone from coming up with the usual reports that may include your  educational background, court records, credit records, etcetera, to them checking out your personal blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts and activities. What they may see or read maybe the end of your chance to be hired; it may even spell termination if you are currently employed by them.

This is all one big issue. Is it legal? How is it legal? Isn’t that an invasion of privacy? How private is private? But if it’s public, how can that be an invasion of privacy? Do you have to share your login details? Would “shoulder-surfing” be okay?

So many things to consider here, folks. So let me share to you two links (they’re not written by me, BTW), just to share information. I hope you find them helpful as not just an employee but an employer. Read on 🙂

Social Media Background Checks: Where to Draw the Ethical Line

The Accuracy of Social Media