The Legend of the Fifth Turtle #atozchallenge2014

Did you know that aside from Michelangelo, Leonardo, Raphael and Donatello, there was a fifth Teen-age Mutant Ninja Turtles member?

This fifth member was a shy little girl in gradeschool. Then high school happened. The fact that she had to make new friends with kids who knew each other since gradeschool, were mostly more outspoken and liberated, were mostly more well-off, seemed like a smart lot, and mostly lived in the same freakin’ town…Well, that was a lot to bear. Hey! She was thirteen! Just starting her teens. Psychologists are right when they say that the teen-age years are times for a lot of confusion and insecurities.


She soon again proved psychologists right. A change in her became noticeable. Short kid that she already was, she became shorter and developed a kind of humped back. She didn’t even know. So her parents would say, “Stand straight! You’re slumping again.” She would not believe it, stood as straight as she thought she could, and said, “Here! See? I am standing straight!” But it was only when she checked herself out in the mirror one day did she realize they were right. Only then did she realize why the bullies sang the theme song for the Teen-age Mutant Ninja Turtles whenever she passed by. It was for fun, at her expense.

She had resented that they called her “mutant” and felt so ugly when all the while, they were pertaining more to the “turtle” part! In a sense, she was relieved and gradually corrected her Quasimodo posture. It was hard and it indeed hurt a bit, but the results were worth it. The teasing stopped and while it wasn’t a quick “recovery” for her ego, she did gradually gain some form of respect later on. It was later in her senior year, during Home Economics class, that she found out why she became that way. The tendency to slump, according to a book, was a manifestation of great insecurity…Boy, was she quite the manifestation!

So now, that girl is no longer that turtle. Once in a while, she feels the insecurities adult life has so abundantly offers, but somehow, she manages even when she sometimes fails. Yet, she keeps the story alive by sharing it. She knows there is a lesson to be learned in there somewhere…

Do I even have to say who she is? ;p



How about you? How was your young life? Don’t be shy and share! 🙂

This post is my “J” entry for…


I hope you’ve already figured out what the “J” is for 😉

3 thoughts on “The Legend of the Fifth Turtle #atozchallenge2014

  1. Aw. Kids can be so cruel. I’m glad the girl recovered. I was “chicken” all my growing up. Literally. It was my name. (C.Hicken). You know, by high school, that was a name of respect and friendship. It was even considered cool. How far we can come by our response, eh?


    • The good thing about those boys were they didn’t do anything else to hurt me (and maybe that’s because I pretended to give them no mind), but bullying does affect a lot of victims even until they grow up.

      We had our reunion two years ago and while planning it, it turned out that some were not going because of that. I couldn’t blame them as it seemed they suffered worse than I did. My idea was anyone could act as stupid as they wanted to because I was not going to let them affect me, if ever. It wasn’t me who was going to look like an idiot. Thankfully, the boys grew up (well, I THINK they did). Still playful and teasing, but I didn’t see any outright bullying.


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