This Dancing Little Buddha #atozchallenge2014

Before I say anything, how about we smile today? I urge you to watch this bundle of cuteness first! Maybe you’ve seen it but watch again anyway 😉

Did Zhang Junhao make you smile? He sure made me smile. Did he make you laugh? I definitely did laugh. Then he said, “My dream is to make people happy because I’m happy. Are you happy?” Guess what. He made me happy, then rendered me temporarily speechless and teary-eyed.

This little boy is such a joy to behold!  So calm and peaceful, so pure, innocent and loving. Rarely does someone as young make such an impact on the people around him. And the maturity is beyond his years. Watching him, listening to him, I could not help but regard him as a true Buddha, one who is awakened, ENLIGHTENED.  This Dancing Little Buddha.

We were all born enlightened. Don’t we often say how kids have such pure, innocent souls? That’s because they are enlightened spirits. We all were. But we grew up in a messed up world and lost our perfection. And so we long to be kids again, because deep inside, we want to go back to our original, perfect selves.

Little Junhao will grow up, we know. Let’s hope he doesn’t become like the materialistic, self-centered and insecure beings that we have become. I hope he keeps that purity of spirit with him.

As for you, if you skipped the video, I urge that you hit click and spend a few moments smiling. Smiling is therapeutic. It makes the world a better place 🙂


Zhang Junhao, the dancing little Buddha 🙂



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