News are too sad lately so I thought I’d share something fun, just to lighten up the mood a bit.

Well, our company had a Halloween contest. In the past, people who wanted to participate could wear their costumes and the judge, The Big Boss, would decide on who won based on the criteria for that year. This year, things changed. This time, it would be a group effort, a branch vs. branch contest. The requirement was for each branch to come up with a theme and create a three-minute video based on the criteria. Naturally, all branches exceeded the maximum allowed time. Yeah, we are very disciplined and follow rules 😉

Check out our costumes:


Obviously, we were too few to feature as many plants and zombies, but I still think it worked out well, win or lose 🙂

To state the obvious, our team decided to do a Plants vs. Zombies thing. The girls outnumbered the guys so we (girls) were assigned the zombie roles. Some girls were really just too shy that they declined to participate (it’s not compulsary, but just for fun), and the numbers became even.

Anyway, we each had chosen our zombie and plant. I chose to be DJ Zom-B ’cause he sounded fun to do, I also like hats, he’s got a high toughness rate, and he has nine degrades, kind of like nine lives. Also, I wanted to challenge myself with the costume a bit. I honestly have never in my life played the game yet but I knew about it.


DJ Zom-B adds a Jake the Adventurer hat to his collection, striking a pose with the requisite peace sign…Sheesh.

For the zombie heads, we got our general idea from a post from the Glamorous Gamer Girls blog. We got empty carton boxes that had been stocked until then, got a general head circumference measurement, drew the mouths, cut out the “insides” of the mouths to leave some teeth, and then paper mached the head masks. We didn’t include the eyes yet so we could paint easier.  The guys were really so nice to help out the girls.

From there, we worked on our own in-between breaks, although sometimes we helped others out. Every girl worked on the eyes the way she wanted to, with some girls simply gluing the balls on the head masks while others cut holes instead to push the eyes in a bit. One thought of putting tissue and painting it around the eyes to cover the gaps. I followed her example and even added eyelids. Why DJ Zom-B’s eyes are kind of misplaced was due to a mistake I made, but I am happy it actually added character (LOL!!!). Why not? Zombies are supposed to be decaying!

I could have done better with the hats but I had to make do with the resources and we were pressed for time. I only made three hats or I would have not been able to move. They were light enough but not so much if you’re wearing a big head mask as well. Have to admit, the top one looked different because I didn’t want to rid of my drawn image of Griever  (the winged lion image from Final Fantasy, found stenciled on Squall Leonhart‘s gunblade) from the cosplay two Christmases ago.


The DJ Zom-B model

Meanwhile, I did what I could with the whole costume. Did not realize sooner that DJ Zom-B was supposed to be wearing a sleeveless top but I didn’t want to do a lot of body painting (the other girls weren’t going to paint themselves either, I found out later) so I wore a green long-sleeved thing to serve as “bare” arms and painted my white gloves green to serve as hands. I did what I could, too, for the bling-blings.

The guys did well with their totally bad*** plant costumes. They did their own paper maches. Everyone agrees that the Bonk Choy costume was da bonk! I mean, the bomb! Next on my bests list would be the Jalapeno, so cool!


DJ Zom-B and Swashbuckler Zombie corner Bonk Choy…Uh-oh


Meet my boyfriend ;D

The plan for the video was a fake trailer for the supposed film version of the game. We had such a hilarious time doing the shoots, then taking “selfies” and photo-bombings in-between takes, as you can see above. That was in the evening. Earlier at lunch, some zombies and plants walked the streets to find brains…er, food.

And now, here is our cute video with something extra at the end…ENJOY!!!


6 thoughts on “Zombie-fied!!!

  1. I’m extremely amazed by all the zombie heads and the fact that your whole party made them. I’m also crazy happy to see my post has helped others spread their creativeness!! Keep up the great work!!

    -smajoyful from GlamorousGamerGirls


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