The Write Brain

Oh, wow! This blog’s been on a lull for quite a time. There’s just been too much going on, I haven’t had that much opportunity to stay that long on line. But yeah, here I am. I have been looking at infographic sites lately and voila! I’ve come across one showing how writing affects the brain. I thought I’d share it to you. Have a look-see!

Amazing Facts on Writing and How it Affects Our Brain [Infographic] - An Infographic from

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6 thoughts on “The Write Brain

  1. Clichés are such a turn off!! I so agree!! Clichés make everything predictable, therefore what’s the use of reading it if you already know everything (or almost) that is going to happen and how and why… I especially try to give my characters the opposite of what you would expect them to be.. How about a professional boxer and a poet? or a pizza delivery guy that is a genius? Lots of them have already been used with a huge success like a caring, loving father Mafia boss (the Godfather), a friendly ghost (Casper), A professional killer willing to take care of an abandoned kid (The Professional with Jean Renaud and Natalie Portman), a whole movie was based on each time avoiding the cliché situation that would normally be expected and the result was ”No Country for Old Men”. The cool thing in avoiding cliché is that in itself creates opportunities for original situations and catch! Thanks so much for reminding me!! I will always be grateful to you for encouraging me from the beginning and never letting me down!! You’re the best! TY so much for believing in me!! I now have 1 510 followers!! I don’t think I would have made it very far without you giving me the little push I needed and, most importantly, believing in me so yeah ..guys don’t be a snob.. a little help goes such a long way!

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    • Aaaaw…shucks…*blushes* he he…

      Oh, I saw that Renaud movie one time. It definitely was so different. The way the kid, Natalie, was kind of getting to close to him in a not-so-daughter-like manner did give me a kind of awkward feeling, to be honest. But I am glad the movie turned out the way it did. I mean..well, you know what I mean.

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