Summer Komikon 2013!!!

It’s comics convention time once again! Tomorrow will be my second time to attend a comics-related event, my first being the Komiks Festival in San Pablo City (mentioned in (Almost) Komikon Newbie in da Haus) more than a year ago. But officially, it’s going to be my first time ever to attend an actual comics convention tomorrow. I figure, they won’t be too different from each other, but who cares? ;p Just hours to go and I’ll be off to Bayanihan Center, yipee!!! Reblogging comics guy Andoyman’s post. Please buy his stuff, especially ANG SUMPA. I kinda helped with that. Here’s my interview with him: Interview with a Komikero.


Sa wakas, ngayong Sabado na, Abril 13, sa Bayanihan Center, ang pinakahihintay ng lahat,
ang SUMMER KOMIKON! Isang bagong kwento ang ilalabas ko ngayong Komikon. Bali, ang unang bahagi
ng kwento e inilabas ko na noong Komikon Baguio, at ang ikalawang bahagi naman e ngayong Sabado.

Handang-handa na ako. Handa ka na rin ba?

ad for summer komikon 2013

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